The Indonesia team was warmly welcomed and guaranteed security and safety when arriving in Vietnam

On the afternoon of March 23, the Indonesia team was present in Vietnam to prepare for the match with the Vietnam team in the 2026 World Cup Qualifiers. The away team expressed their satisfaction with the reception at the airport, security and safety conditions at the accommodation as well as at the training ground.

  25/03/2024 10:09:53

Mr. Naufal Laudza – Indonesia team media officer, said that although was a bit tired due to having just gone through competition and traveling from Jakarta to Hanoi, the whole team was happy to be warmly welcomed and guaranteed safety.

Regarding the information that Vietnamese fans set off fireworks next to the hotel where the Indonesia team stayed to harass the away team, Mr. Naufal Laudza affirmed: “Everything is going very well. We felt very good staying at the hotel. I also didn’t hear any noise.”

In fact, the image of fireworks posted online by an account caused misunderstanding, because the location of the fireworks was determined to be about 3km from the Indonesia team’s training ground and was not related to the match on March 26, 2024. It is an entertainment spot and fireworks activities are also regularly organized.

To prepare for the match between the Vietnam team and the Indonesia team taking place at My Dinh National Stadium, the match organizers have soon deployed coordination plans to ensure security and safety before, during and after the match, included: protecting the airport when delegations arrive, residences, training places, and competition places; Arrange traffic plans according to regulations for groups.