Men's U22/U23/ Olympic National Team

Training match, U22 Vietnam vs. U21 DNH Nam Định: 4-0

On the afternoon of 15th Nov, the training camp of U22 Vietnam finished with training match with U21 DNH Nam Định.

Training match: U22 Vietnam – Phố Hiến FC: 2-0

On the afternoon of 7th Nov, U22 Vietnam had the training match to evaluate the players. Phố Hiến FC also used young players. Finally, U22 Vietnam won 2-0 over Phố Hiến FC.

U22 Vietnam players try hard to get the chance during the 3rd gathering

On the afternoon of 2nd Nov, U22 Vietnam started the first training session at Vietnam Youth Football Training Centre. The competitiveness is rising higher because of the appearance of new players.

Striker Lê Minh Bình: “The key is integration with the style of the team”

Striker Lê Minh Bình argued that to score points from head coach Park Hang-seo, the players of U22 Vietnam need to quickly adapt and integrate with the general style of the team and the tactics of head coach.

U22 players show their ability in the first training match

On the afternoon of 21st Aug, U22 Vietnam had the first training match in the 2nd camp at Vietnam Youth Football Training Centre. The focusing of head coach Park Hang-seo is not the score, he concentrates on the performance of the players when playing at their positions as the tactics of coaching assistants.

U22 Vietnam updates the nutrition knowledge for an athlete

On the morning of 19th Aug, the members of U22 Vietnam join a workshop about the nutrition in sports host by Professor Vũ Xuân Ninh.

U22 Vietnam tries hard under the heavy rain

The first training session of U22 Vietnam in the 2nd training camp in 2020 was 18th Aug. Even the heavy rain in a long time was inluence the plan of head coach Park Hang – seo, this is the change to show the spirit of the players.

Head coach Park Hang-seo set the goal to keep going at World Cup 2022 Qualifier

At the interview with the press on 18th Aug at VFF office, head coach Park Hang-seo emphasized the goal to keep going at World Cup 2022 Qualifier.

U22 Vietnam completed medical check and ready to practice

All players of U22 Vietnam has a negative result with SARS-CoV-2, completes medical check to ready for the training process.

U22 Vietnam seriously performed a medical test on the gathering day

On 16th Aug, U22 Vietnam with 48 players arrived at Vietnam Youth Football Training. All team participants do the medical test as the guidance of the Ministry of Health to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic.


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