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U23 Vietnam was warmly welcomed in Doha, ready for their first training session

After a direct flight lasting more than 7 hours from Hanoi, the U23 Vietnam was present in Doha – Qatar at 12:35 pm April 8 local time (4:35 pm Vietnam time), ready for the training session before the 2024 U23 Asian Cup, representatives of the Vietnamese Embassy and the Vietnamese Community in Qatar came to the airport and gave flowers to welcome the team.

On behalf of the Embassy and the Vietnamese Community in Qatar, Mr. Cao Dinh Phan, First Secretary of the Vietnamese Embassy in Qatar, said that recently the Vietnamese Embassy and the Vietnamese community in Qatar were very interested in watching the team’s preparations for the 2024 U23 Asian Cup. Everyone is very excited and looking forward to going out to cheer for the team in the upcoming matches. “We always support and believe in the team. Wishing the whole team good health, good preparation, and successful competition in the U23 Asian arena,” said Mr. Cao Dinh Phan.

Before that, as soon as arrived at Hamad International Airport, the U23 Vietnam also received a thoughtful and enthusiastic welcome from the host country’s organizers. Coach Hoang Anh Tuan and the team were allocated a separate area to complete immigration procedures and were actively assisted by volunteers in collecting luggage for loading. Therefore, it only took the whole team a total of more than 1 hour to complete all procedures at the airport and move to a 5-star hotel arranged by VFF in Doha, located about 20 minutes by bus from the airport. Yesterday, front-line officials dispatched by VFF went ahead to work with the hotel and host organizers on the team’s schedule.

After a delicious meal at the hotel, the players had a rest to recover their physical condition. At 7:00 p.m. on the same day (23:00 Vietnam time), coach Hoang Anh Tuan and the team will enter their first training session in Doha.

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