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U23 Vietnam returns home after a journey full of efforts at the AFC U23 Asian Cup 2024

On the afternoon of April 28, the U23 Vietnam was present in Hanoi after ending their effortful journey at the AFC U23 Asian Cup 2024 . Deputy Secretary General Nguyen Minh Chau represented the leaders of VFF to the airport to welcome them. and encouraged the whole team on the return day.

At the AFC U23 Asian Cup 2024, although there was not much time to prepare and there were difficulties in terms of strength when some key players such as Dinh Bac were injured and Quoc Viet had a viral fever and could not compete, the team was unable to compete. U23 Vietnam still maintains the spirit of determination and promotes collective strength to win tickets to the quarterfinals. Looking back at the team’s journey, head coach Hoang Anh Tuan assessed: “I think the fact that U23 Vietnam stopped in the quarterfinals was within their ability and strength. In some specific matches, I have regrets. Each match, from meeting Kuwait, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, or Iraq, brings a unique nuance, creating different emotions for fans. In the first matches, U23 Vietnam’s playing style was not complete, with many errors and technical errors. We encounter unnecessary penalties. In addition, I am quite sorry about some of the referee’s decisions that led to the match ending in an unexpected direction. Anyway, I believe the players have improved a lot. Before the quarterfinal match against U23 Iraq, I said that the team would show a different face. And indeed, that happened. Playing attitude, competitive spirit, fighting style, and fighting methods were all well demonstrated. I see the players play openly, beautifully, and with determination, creating a high level of teamwork and solidarity.”

Coach Hoang Anh Tuan also hopes that after this tournament, the players returning to the club will make more efforts to have the opportunity to regularly play in national professional tournaments. “Many people assume that if a player has played in the SEA Games or Asian tournament, they will continue to have high performance in U23 Asia. But that is only one side of the problem. That player has only played a few matches in international tournaments, in the colors of the national team. As for the story at the club, whether they can play or not, we have not mentioned it yet. Do U23 Vietnam’s players who return to the club get to play a lot? Once again, that’s my concern. Indeed, it is not easy for the club to create conditions for all young players. So I told my boys that they must learn what they have done and what their circumstances are to improve themselves and try to compete for regular playing time at the club. Hence the coaching staff of the teams will trust and give them the conditions to compete,” coach Hoang Anh Tuan shared.

After completing entry procedures at Noi Bai Airport – Hanoi, the players were arranged by VFF to move back to their localities or the host club based on the domestic tournament schedule. Captain Quan Van Chuan, on behalf of his teammates, thanked the fans and the media for always following and encouraging the U23 Vietnam throughout the journey. “The team’s goal was to try to compete for tickets to the Olympics Paris 2024 but the results were unsuccessful. I was very sad after losing in the quarterfinals. It’s difficult to describe the situation that led to the penalty, it happened so quickly. This tournament is also the last tournament for the U23 age group. It’s hard to describe the feeling right now,” Quan Van Chuan said.

Meanwhile, defender Ho Van Cuong also shared: “Before the tournament, my personal goal was to try my best to help the team go as deep as possible. I feel like I haven’t played well because I don’t feel the ball well, maybe because I don’t play often so I don’t trust my feet. Regarding VAR, it’s not just U23 Vietnam, it’s the same for many other teams. As a player myself, I have no opinion on how the referee controls the match. The whole team wants to go further, so when the results are not as expected, everyone regrets it. In football, everyone makes mistakes, we are only in the U23 group, and not really experienced or mentally strong. Through the tournament, players have the opportunity to become more mature. Coach Hoang Anh Tuan also encouraged the team not to be sad and to continue striving for the future.”

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