FIFA Ranking February 2021: Vietnam continues on the 93rd place

Due to the changing pandemic, almost all national teams cannot play, therefore the FIFA ranking February 2021 doesn’t have many fluctuations. Vietnam still has 1258 points, stands in 93rd place in the world, and 14th in Asia.

  22/02/2021 14:59:45

In ASEAN, even up to 110th place in the ranking, the gap between Thailand and Vietnam still maintains. The 3rd team in ASEAN is Philippine with 1136 points, following by Malaysia (153rd), Singapore (158th), Indonesia and Campuchia (both 173rd), Laos (188th), Brunei DS (191st), Timor Leste (197).

In Asia, Japan still on top (27th), following by Iran (29th), Korea (38th), Australia (41st),…

Back to the top 10, Belgium still is No.1 with 1780 points, following by French, Brazil, England, Portugal, Spain, Argentina…

In the upcoming June, the ranking of Asia’s team will have more change due to the coming back of World Cup 2022 Qualifier, in which Vietnam has 3 matches with Indonesia (June 7), Malaysia (June 11), and UAE (June 15).

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