Vietnam Men’s Football has 3 more points, thereby maintains 92nd place in the FIFA Ranking of Aug 2021

In the Aug 2021 FIFA Ranking, Vietnam Men’s football gains 3 more points, thereby maintains 92nd place, ranks 13th in Asia, and is Top 1 of ASEAN.

Vietnam maintained the top of ASEAN in FIFA Ranking May 2021

In the FIFA Ranking May 2021, Vietnam still places 92nd in the world, 13th in Asia, and Top 1 of ASEAN.

FIFA Ranking February 2021: Vietnam continues on the 93rd place

Due to the changing pandemic, almost all national teams cannot play, therefore the FIFA ranking February 2021 doesn’t have many fluctuations. Vietnam still has 1258 points, stands in 93rd place in the world, and 14th in Asia.

Ranking remains static as the world fights COVID-19, Vietnam still ranks 94th in the world

The ongoing measures to combat the spread of the pandemic resulted in little football of late and, consequently, next-to-no movement in the latest FIFA World Ranking.

FIFA Ranking January 2020: Vietnam Men team stay Top of ASEAN

The FIFA Ranking hasn’t had much change in the first month of 2020. The ranking of Vietnam Men Team still is the 94th in the world, 14th in Asia, and Top 1 in ASEAN.

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