Head coach Park Hang Seo is satisfied with the “test” against the Philippines team

Speaking at the press conference after the friendly match between Vietnam and the Philippines, head coach Park Hang-seo expressed satisfaction with the results, especially, there were no unfortunate injuries.

  15/12/2022 14:49:56

Head coach Park Hang Seo said: “I am satisfied with the team’s attack. We are only a week away from the AFF Cup. I don’t put too much importance on the results, because this match is only friendly, practice is the main thing. The most important thing is that no player is injured.”

Regarding the decision to change personnel in the match, head coach Park Hang Seo said: “For each position in the Vietnam team that I choose, there must be at least 2 players. We have to be prepared for every situation.”

Regarding the case that Hoang Duc and Van Hau were not on the list of registered players, head coach Park Hang Seo explained that the reason was because these two players were suffering from mild pain. However, they will be back soon.

When asked about striker Van Quyet’s case, head coach Park Hang Seo said: “In the match against Dortmund, Van Quyet told me that he wanted to play but I decided not to do so because of Quyet’s injury. By this match, the medical department had reported that Quyet’s injury had fully recovered and he also wanted to play. He deserves to play after a great season in the V.League. I’m happy when Quyet shines in this match. I’m not an authoritarian.”

Mr. Park also clarified information about Cong Phuong gathering with the team. “Some information has said that Cong Phuong will join the team on December 15. That is wrong information. Recently, Phuong met me, he said some personal reasons, so he could not attend this gathering. I agree, I also discussed with VFF and VFF also understood. Phuong is a good player. I respect Cong Phuong’s decision,” Coach Park said.

On the other hand, the head coach of the Philippines team assessed that the Vietnamese team had many good players with a good tactical system. Therefore, the fact that the Filipino players only lost in extra time is a commendable result.

“The Vietnamese team prepared very carefully to win the championship, while I only led the Philippines for a short time, with at most 5-6 training sessions, there was not much time to prepare tactics. We knew when playing against a team like Vietnam, we had to defend deep in the first half. In the second half we did better and the young player made efforts,” coach Josep Ferre said of the match.

“I think Vietnam is the strong team in Southeast Asia, but in football, nothing can be said. In our group, Thailand and Indonesia also have strong lineups. I think the four teams Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia will compete fiercely for the championship, “said the captain of the Philippines team.

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