International U19 Football Tournament

International U19 Football Thanhnien Tournament 2022: U19 Vietnam was crowned emotionally

After a 1-1 draw in 90 minutes of fulltime, U19 Vietnam won a dramatic victory over U19 Malaysia with a score of 4-3 on penalties and won the International U19 Football Thanhnien Tournament 2022.

Right from the 2nd minute, the defense of U19 Vietnam made the spectator on Binh Duong field have a heart attack when Muhammad Ibrahim had the opportunity to face goalkeeper Huy Hoang. However, player number 16 of U19 Malaysia missed the opportunity to open the scoring.

Only 2 minutes later, the U19 Vietnam had an feedback when Bao Long crossed the ball for Quoc Viet to head, but the ball went too light, unable to make it difficult for the opponent’s goalkeeper. In the 11th minute, Khuat Van Khang made a breakthrough from the left wing to the middle so that Van Tu could open the score for U19 Vietnam, much to the surprise of many people. Van Tu headed from a relatively long distance, the ball went lightly, but the goalkeeper of U19 Malaysia made a mistake.

Despite conceding a goal, U19 Malaysia was still not impatient to push the offensive line up. Head coach Hassan Sazali Waras’ team is still loyal to the defensive and counter-attacking style. Meanwhile, U19 Vietnam, although completely dominated the game, still could not create a really dangerous situation for the rest of the first half when the opponent’s defense still remained focused.

The first dangerous situation in the second half belonged to the U19 Malaysian. In the 61st minute, from a quick counter-attack, Khaineyusri paced the ball to the penalty area before firing a tight shot that went over the crossbar. In the 67th minute, Dinh Bac had a gap of 11 and hit a very strong shot that made the opponent’s goalkeeper take 2 beats to successfully neutralize it.

In the 84th minute, Rohisham Hashim accelerated to break the offside trap before stretching inward to let Bin Arman cushion the ball close to the wall, leveling the score 1-1 for Malaysia U19. 90 minutes of play officially ended with a 1-1 draw, the two teams had to enter the penalty shootout 11 m to determine the winner.

On penalties, U19 Vietnam won with a score of 4-3 and lift to the 2022 Youth International U19 Championship.



Source: Thanhnien