National Cup Bamboo Airway 2020 suspended

On 27th July 2020, the organizer announced the adjustment of National Cup Bamboo Airway 2020’s schedule.

28/07/2020 16:30:02

On 26th July, VPF and the Professional tournament department 2020 announced to temporarily suspended the national professional tournaments 2020 due to the fast-changing of Covid-19.

According to that,

  1. About National Cup Bamboo Airways 2020:

1.1.  Quarterfinals: 1st and 2nd Aug 2020

1.2. Semi-Final: 6th Aug 2020

1.3. Final: 9th Aug 2020

       2. To ensure the safe and fight against Covid-19

To ensure the qualification of the matches, the tournament’s organizer requires the local organizers and clubs as well as staff to follow the guide:

2.1 Update information and schedule of the tournament

2.2. Follow the guide of the Government about the action to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic as the decision 235/BĐH-TCTĐ (implemented on 24th July 2020).

2.3. The organizer will positively update the situation of the pandemic and have suitable solutions.