The Vietnam team increased 1 place on the FIFA rankings in October 2023

On the newly announced FIFA rankings, the Vietnamese team has increased 1 place compared to last month, ranking 94th in the world, 15th in Asia and continues to maintain the number 1 position in Southeast Asia.

  28/10/2023 11:45:05

This is a result that may surprise many people because the Vietnam team lost both official friendly matches on FIFA Days in October, respectively against China in Dalian and Korea in Suwon. However, the teams related to the Vietnam team on the rankings also did not achieve good results, which helped the Vietnam team still advance one level.

In Asia, the top 5 teams are still Japan (ranked 18th in the world), Iran (ranked 21st in the world), South Korea (ranked 24th in the world, up 2 places), Australia (ranked 27th in the world) and Saudi Arabia (ranked 57th in the world). The China team, after a 2-0 victory over the Vietnam team, rose one place, ranking 79th in the world.

In Southeast Asia, in addition to the two leading teams, Vietnam and Thailand, the rankings of other teams are as follows: Malaysia (137th), Philippines (138), Indonesia (145), Singapore (155), Myanmar (158) , Cambodia (178), Laos (188), Brunei (191), Timor Leste (197).

Standing at number 1 in the October FIFA rankings is Argentina, second is France, third is Brazil. Next are England, Belgium, Portugal, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Croatia, USA…

According to FIFA statistics, last October there were a total of 165 international matches held. Lithuania is the team with the biggest progress with a jump of 9 places. Meanwhile, the team that lost the most points was Croatia (down 35.95 points).

The next month’s rankings will be announced by FIFA on November 30.

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