Vietnam National Team won 2-0 against Palestinian National Team in the FIFA Days friendly match in September 2023

On the evening of September 11, Vietnam National Team had an international friendly match on FIFA Days September 2023 against Palestinian National Team at Thien Truong Stadium, Nam Dinh. As a result, the Golden Star Warriors won 2-0 with goals from Cong Phuong and Tuan Hai.

  12/09/2023 10:43:09

For the purpose of testing personnel and gameplay, coach Philippe Troussier has created a starting lineup with many differences. Among them, there are many players playing in positions that are not their forte. For example, Trieu Viet Hung takes on the left wing position. On the right wing, his teammate from Hai Phong Club, Trung Hieu, was selected. People are used to Hoang Duc playing central midfielder, but in this match, he played in the striker. And Tuan Hai plays as a left striker, on the right Quang Hai was selected.

The Vietnam team had control of the ball in the first minutes, but it seemed that Palestine had actively given up the game rather than being outmatched. The nightmare struck coach Troussier in the 11th minute when Trung Hieu had to leave the field to make space for Tan Tai because of a very serious injury. In the 13th minute, Quang Hai had a very accurate pass into the middle. Tuan Hai controlled the ball and then made a turn to eliminate an opposing player. Unfortunately, in the last shot of the striker playing for Hanoi Club, a Palestinian player was able to step back to intervene.

After this situation, Palestine no longer stood behind their home field but actively played higher and increased pressing in the opponent’s field. In the 19th minute, Ali Abuafa made a quick dribble on the left wing and then launched a kick from a tight angle. Fortunately for the Vietnam team, Dinh Trieu promptly closed the corner. In the second part of the first half, once again, the Vietnam team was forced to make a reluctant substitution when Viet Hung came to the field to replace Tien Anh due to a serious injury.

Indeed, Palestine played better than Vietnam in the remaining minutes of the first half. In the 28th minute, Battat had the ball on the right wing and then crossed in front of the goal. If Edin Hassan had come in a beat earlier, it is possible that Dinh Trieu would have had to go into the net to pick up the ball. There were quite a few problems in arranging players to play against their strengths, so at the beginning of the second half, Coach Troussier had to make adjustments and it started by bringing Tuan Duong and Cong Phuong in to replace Thanh Binh and Hung Dung.

During the time on the field, Cong Phuong almost “carried” and did not run. However, in the 62nd minute, the Yokohama FC striker had a very quick escape and then had a kick to the tip of his shoe, beating goalkeeper Rami Hamada. Having scored the opening goal, Mr. Troussier’s team played with enthusiasm. In the 66th minute, Hoang Duc again had a classy pass from the middle of the field for Tuan Hai to run down, but the kick from the Vietnamese striker was unsuccessful.

When the match became more stable, Quang Hai and Tuan Anh were withdrawn from the field to make room for Van Toan and Van Luan. Just a few minutes after appearing on the field, Van Toan ran the ball straight into the penalty area and passed smoothly across. Unfortunately, Tan Tai’s kick sent the ball over the bar. There were a few errors from the defensive and goalkeeper positions, but Coach Troussier’s players got what they wanted, a goal that doubled the gap.

In the 78th minute, Van Toan escaped like a “Formula 1” to eliminate the last Palestinian defender. In this situation, Toan played very well as a teammate when he “set up” for Tuan Hai to score, sealing a 2-0 victory for Vietnam.



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