AFC U23 Championship

Defender Le Ngoc Bao confident that U23 Vietnam will play well against U23 UAE

In the interview before the training session 8th Jan, defender Le Ngoc Bao said that U23 Vietnam has the careful preparation for the first match of the U23 AFC Championship and will play well against U23 UAE.

  09/01/2020 09:03:57

Defender Le Ngoc Bao

Le Ngoc Bao said: “The UAE’s players are very fast and skillful. In the line-up of U23 Vietnam, there were two-third is the new players. However, we have time to practice and play together, so it is not a difficult thing. Until now, the team is ready for the match with U23 UAE”.

Reply to the comment of U23 UAE’s head coach that the strongest power of U23 Vietnam is the competitive spirit, Le Ngoc Bao argued: “Not only the mental strength, but we also have the excellent players to play well against U23 UAE”.

The match between U23 Vietnam and U23 UAE (group D) will start at 17:15 on 10th Jan at Buriram Stadium (Thailand).

Some images of the training session 8th Jan of U23 Vietnam: