FIFA Ranking as of 24 March 2023: Vietnam Women’s team lifts to the 33rd place

According to the FIFA Ranking as of 24 March 2023, the Vietnamese women’s team has good news when increased 1 place, to 33rd place with 1643.66 points.

  27/03/2023 15:14:17

The Vietnam women’s team is focusing on preparing to participate in the first qualifying round of the 2024 Olympic Games. After a week of physical training in Cam Pha, Quang Ninh, coach Mai Duc Chung’s team is stationed at the Vietnam Youth Football Training Center. The good news from the achievements on the FIFA rankings in the first quarter of 2023 will certainly help Vietnam women’s team become more motivated and strive to continue to compete with determination and achieve high results in tournaments in 2023.

In the continental arena, the ranking of the Vietnam women’s team has also been adjusted, from sixth to fifth. The top 10 in Asia on the rankings in the first quarter of 2023 also witnessed the return of the Australian team. (ranked 10, up 2 places) at No. 1; followed by Japan (11th), China (13th, up 1 place), South Korea (17th, down 2 places) and Vietnam (33rd, up 1 place). The 5 positions below belong to Chinese Taipei (37th, up 2 places), Thailand (44th place, down 3 places), Myanmar (47th, up 1 place), Philippines (49th) and Uzbekistan ( 50th, up 1 place).

In the top 10 strongest teams on the FIFA rankings in the first quarter of 2023, the only noticeable change is the fact that Australia returned to the top 10 with 10th place, the first positions continue to remain the same including the USA team (second place). 1st place, Germany (2nd), Sweden (3rd), UK (4th), France (5th), Canada (6th), Spain (7th), Netherlands Lan (8th place) and Brazil (9th place).

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