Women's Futsal National Team

Finished the training camp in Bahrain, Vietnam Women’s Futsal team start the final step before SEA Games 31

Finished the training camp in Bahrain with 4 useful friendly matches, the team of head coach Truong Quoc Tuan backed to Vietnam and moved to Ha Nam on April 30 to start the final preparation period before the SEA Games 31.

  02/05/2022 18:01:55

Evaluating the training trip in Bahrain, head coach Truong Quoc Tuan said: “For a long time, over the past two years, the Vietnam Women’s Futsal team has not been able to compete internationally. Four friendly matches with Bahrain Women’s team have helped Vietnamese players gain more playing experience and help the coaching assistants to check the professional factors, continue to adjust through matches. This is a very necessary and useful training camp.”

After landing at Noi Bai international airport, the Vietnam Women’s Futsal team quickly moved to Ha Nam, the venue of SEA Games 31 futsal. Because the Indonesia Women’s team decided not to attend at the last minute, the Women’s Futsal schedule is also shortened and will play late with the opening match on May 15. Head coach Truong Quoc Tuan’s team thus have more time to prepare.

It is expected that on May 7, head coach Truong Quoc Tuan will announce the official list of 16 athletes of the Vietnam Women’s Futsal team participating in SEA Games 31. Talking about the opponents at SEA Games 31, head coach Truong Quoc Tuan said: “In my opinion, perhaps the biggest opponent, directly competing for the Gold medal with the Vietnam Women’s Futsal team, is the Thailand team. As for the other two opponents, Malaysia and Myanmar, because it was a long time that we haven’t had the women’s futsal tournaments in the region, the coaching assistants has not had accurate and specific information. But through some information, Malaysia and Myanmar also have many changes in the position of head coaches and they will indeed be difficult opponents for us. Because we have three matches to determine the gold medal winner, we treat each match like a final and need to focus on all three matches.”

According to the plan, temporarily the Vietnam Women’s Futsal team will be stayed at Inco Hotel and will move to Muong Thanh Hotel when officially joining in the SEA Games. In the meantime, coach Truong Quoc Tuan and his team will continue to maintain daily practice sessions at Ha Nam Arena, Phu Ly city, Ha Nam province with two friendly matches.

“The plan at the final period of the Vietnam Women’s Futsal team has changed a bit. The players will have two more friendly matches instead of one as planned previously. Accordingly, the coaching assistants arranged the team to compete with Thai Son Bac youth team (16:30, May 7) and Phong Phu Ha Nam women’s team (17:30 on May 9)”, coach Truong Quoc Tuan said.