Women's Futsal National Team

The National Women’s Futsal team is gathered to prepare for the AFC Women’s Futsal Championship

On 2nd Dec, the National Women’s Futsal team is officially gathered to prepare for the AFC Women’s Futsal Championship.

20 players under the guidance of head coach Truong Quoc Tuan who come from Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Nam. Hanoi and Thai Nguyen were gathered at Sports Center District 8 (Ho Chi Minh City). Two assistants are Tran Anh Vu and Huynh Thi Thanh Khiet. Doctor Bui Thi Hoai of Hanoi National Sports Training Center is tasked with taking care of the players during the training.

According to the plan, the team will stay at District 8 – Sports Center (Ho Chi Minh City) from 2nd Dec to 21st Dec 2019 and practice at the Thai Son Nam arena. They will have 3 friendly games with young players of Thai Son Nam and some movement teams. Since 22nd Dec, the team will go to Thailand for the training program and have 3 friendly matches here.

Comment about the force of the team, head coach Truong Quoc Tuan said: “This time, there are many new players who first time joining in the national team, therefore they still have not familiar with the tactics of futsal. After the first day, we can see that the new players still have the gap with the players who have played futsal before and the quality of the national team is still not equal with the last teams. We need more time for training”.

This training program is very important for the AFC Championship 2020. Even though, the lack of force in the Futsal national team is still a huge problem because many players still need to play for the Women National Team and national tournament. This is the reason why we called some new players to prepare for the next year’s tournament”. Head coach Truong Quoc Tuan said.

Full nameTitleCity
 Coach assistant  
1Truong Quoc TuanHead CoachThai Son Nam
2Ngo Le BangCoachThai Son Nam
3Tran Anh VuCoachThai Son Nam
4Huynh Thi Thanh KhietCoachSports Center Districe 8 – HCM
5Bui Thi HoaiDoctorHanoi National Sports Training Center
6Ngo Nguyen Thuy LinhPlayerSports Center Districe 8 – HCM
7Dinh Nguyen Ngoc LinhPlayerSports Center Districe 8 – HCM
8Quach Thu EmPlayerSports Center Districe 1 – HCM
9Tran Thi Hai YenPlayerHa Nam Sports Center
10Do Thi NguyenPlayerHa Nam Sports Center
11Tran Thi Lan MaiPlayerHa Nam Sports Center
12Nguyen Thuy LinhPlayerThai Nguyen Sports Center
13Le Thi Thuy TrangPlayerThai Nguyen Sports Center
14Nguyen Thị NuPlayerHa Nam Sports Center
15Nguyen Thi Hong CucPlayerHa Nam Sports Center
16Tran Thi VuongPlayerHa Nam Sports Center
17Nguyen Thi Thao AnhPlayerHanoi National Sports Training Center
18Nguyen Thi Hoai ThuongPlayerHanoi National Sports Training Center
19Trinh Nguyen Thanh HangPlayerSports Center Districe 8 – HCM
20Trinh Ngoc HoaPlayerSports Center Districe 8 – HCM
21Le Thi Thuy LinhPlayerSports Center Districe 8 – HCM
22Pho Ngoc Thanh ThyPlayerSports Center Districe 8 – HCM
23Tran Nguyet ViPlayerSports Center Districe 8 – HCM
24Dinh Thi Ngoc HanPlayerSports Center Districe 8 – HCM
25Nguyen Thi Thong MinhPlayerSports Center Districe 8 – HCM