Women's Futsal National Team

Forward to SEA Games 31: Vietnam women’s futsal team wins first match in Bahrain

On April 23, in the first friendly match at the Bahrain training session, the Vietnamese women’s futsal team won 4-3 against the home team Bahrain 1.

  25/04/2022 11:40:49

Three days after arriving in Bahrain according to the training plan to prepare for the 31st SEA Games, the Vietnamese women’s futsal team had the first friendly match against Bahrain 1. Possessing a large player force, the host team Bahrain was divided into 2 squads Bahrain 1 and Bahrain 2 to play 4 friendly matches with the Vietnamese women’s futsal team.

As the first international friendly match, after 3 years due to the Covid-19 epidemic, it is difficult for Vietnamese female futsal players to avoid surprises. In the first half, despite two times taking the lead, thanks to the efforts of Le Thi Thuy Trang (6th minute) and Le Thi Thanh Ngan (12th minute), but the female Futsal team of Vietnam let the team equalize.

In the break, the coaching assistants of the Vietnamese women’s futsal team made adjustments and helped learn the game better in the remaining round. The girls controlled the game better to immediately score 2 goals by Trinh Nguyen Thanh Hang (23 minutes) and Nguyen Thi Chau (32 minutes).

Down 2-4 when the match time was only 5 minutes, Bahrain 1 used power-play tactics. But before Vietnam’s well-organized defense, the home team only scored 1 goal in the last 5 seconds, closing the final 3-4.

Sharing after the match, head coach Truong Quoc Tuan expressed satisfaction with the performance of his team. He said that the four international friendly matches in Bahrain are extremely useful and require the female players to focus on competing like the official match at the 31st SEA Games. At 20:45 (local time) tonight (24 April), the Vietnamese women’s futsal team will have a rematch with Bahrain 1.