Head coach Park Hang-seo: “Trust and encourage U23 players for the good result”

Speaking at the press conference before the qualifier of U23 Asian Cup 2022, head coach Park Hang-seo stated that the objective of U23 Vietnam is the victory over opponents in Group I. He also hopes that Vietnamese fans will trust and encourage the team to play for a good result.

  26/10/2021 17:51:10

Head coach Park Hang-seo said: “Our first objective is qualifying over the group stage, then we will plan for the next steps. We will try to have two wins in Group I”.

“About China Taipei, we have already analysed this team since the beginning of this gathering period. However, it was not easy to have their information. Myanmar is the same. But on Oct 30, the Myanmar team will play with China Taipei. We will watch the match to prepare for the match. I think it won’t be a big problem”.

Head coach Park Hang-seo argued: “My team contained the players who just under 22 or 23, so definitely, it cannot be a perfect team. They are growing up and we always try to help them improve best. I can feel the passion of Vietnamese fans for football. Players, as well as coaching assistants all, have a little pressure. However, for me, instead of comparing two-generation, we just believe and encourage U23 team forward to the good results”.

Goalkeeper Van Toan:

“U23 Vietnam is concerning for the tomorrow match, we will try to follow the tactics of coaches. We don’t have much information about the China Taipei team. We just want to prepare as much as possible for this match”.

Head coach Jiunn Ming Chen (U23 China Taipei):

“U23 Vietnam is a strong team, their teamwork is very good. They are taller, stronger, and more experience than us. My players almost are the under-19-years-old and lack experience. However, we will determine for the ticket to join in the final round. Head coach Park Hang-seo is a good coach and I really respect him”.

The match between U23 Vietnam and u23 China Taipei will kick off at 17h00 (UCT+7) tomorrow (Oct 27) in Dolen Omurzakov Stadium (Kyrgyzstan). The match will be broadcast on the fanpage and youtube of VFF, Next Sports, and On Sport+.