AFF U15/U16 Championship

Losing 0-1 in the final, U16 Vietnam won silver at the 2022 AFF U16 Championship

In the final match, under many pressure, U16 Vietnam could not come back from a goal down and lost to host U16 Indonesia with a score of 0-1. This result means that U16 Vietnam won silver at the 2022 AFF U16 Championship.

  17/08/2022 09:23:22

Meeting again in the final of AFF U16 Championship 2022, both teams U16 Vietnam and U16 Indonesia raise the tempo since the beginning. In the 9th minute, U16 Indonesia continuously made high passes in, but Dinh Hai was alert to prevent it.

It is commendable that the U16 players in Vietnam have improved a lot mentally when they have to compete under the pressure of more than 30,000 home fans. In the 14th minute, Cong Phuong passed the ball to Long Vu, but it was incorrect. In the 35th minute, Long Vu passed the ball past the defender of the home team and then returned for Hoang Son, but the midfielder missed the ball. 40 minutes, Dinh Thuong turned the ball to twist the opponent’s flank and made an accurate cross, but Duc Thien headed too lightly.

Attacked a lot but could not score, U16 Vietnam conceded a very unfortunate goal in the last minute of extra time of the first half. A short pass from Arkhan Kaka Purwanto from the right saw Kafiatur placing his shot to the far post to push the home fans into rapturous delight.

In the second half, U16 Vietnam attacked more to find an equalizer. Head coach Nguyen Quoc Tuan directed the players to increase the tempo of the match. However, in the first 15 minutes of the second half, U16 Vietnam was stuck in finding a way into the opponent’s goal area. In addition, the heavy rain at the end of the second half made U16 Vietnam more difficult.

Trying the best with the spirit of not giving up until the last seconds, but the inability to put the ball in the net made U16 Vietnam accept to finish in the runner-up position.

Losing the final is regrettable, but for players less than 16 years old, joining the final match in the regional arena is still a great reward. It is the reward of the accumulation of experience, the experience of different opponents, the growth of bravery in the face of pressure from opponents and home crowns…

After the 2022 AFF U16 Championship, head coach Nguyen Quoc Tuan and his team will continue to look forward to the next target, which is the 2023 AFC U17 Asian Cup Qualifier.