AFF U15/U16 Championship

U16 Vietnam ready for the AFF U16 Youth Championships 2022

After 27 hours of travelling included 3 flights from Hanoi, Singapore, Jakarta to Yodgyakarta (Indonesia) as well as 50km to hotel by bus, the U16 Vietnam finally arrived the venue of AFF U16 Youth Championships 2022.

  29/07/2022 10:38:49

It can be said that the journey from Hanoi to Yodgykarta is the first challenge for the U16 players. On the morning of July 28, after the first flight from Hanoi to Changi Airport (Singapore), coach Nguyen Quoc Tuan’s team continued to complete 3 parts of journey throughout from 5:00 to 18:30. Includes two flights from Singapore – Jakarta; Jakarta – Yodgyakarta as well as a 50km road trip from Yodgyakarta’s airport to the Prime Plaza hotel. According to the calculation of the coaching assistants, U16 Vietnam has moved a total of 27 hours, so coach Nguyen Quoc Tuan decided to let the players rest before starting practice today (July 29).

Upon arrival at the hotel, U16 Vietnam did a Covid-19 antigen test. The team also quickly ate dinner, refreshed after a long journey up to more than 1 day. After the meal, team manager Hoang Anh Tuan and head coach Nguyen Quoc Tuan carefully advised the young players of U16 Vietnam.

In which, the sense of discipline in a team along with keeping the image of Vietnamese is put on top. According to the schedule, U16 Vietnam will have a meeting with the tournament organizer on the morning of July 29 before going out to practice at 14:30 at the same day. The team will have 2 practice sessions before playing against U16 Singapore at 15:00 on July 31, in the first leg of Group A, the 2022 AFF U16 Youth Championships 2022.

According to the fixure, U16 Vietnam will meet U16 Singapore (July 31), U16 Philippines (August 3) and U16 Indonesia (August 6). Historically, U16 Vietnam has won the AFF U16 Youth Championships’ title 3 times in 2006, 2010 and 2017. In terms of format, the top teams of 3 groups and the best runner-up will qualify to the semi-finals.