Opening AFC ‘C’ Coaching certificate course 2020

(15th Sep) The opening ceremony of the AFC ‘C’ Coaching certificate course 2020 with the attending of 24 students from the clubs and football center in the whole country was held at the office of the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF).

15/09/2020 17:02:16

The ceremony has the attending of Mr. Lê Hoài Anh – VFF General Secretary, Mrs. Nguyen Thanh Ha – VFF Deputy General Secretary, Mrs. Vũ Thị Thu Hương – Deputy Direct of Vietnam Youth Football Training Centre; Mr. Cao Ngọc Cẩm – VFF Manager Office; Mr. Luu Quang Dien Bien – Director of Grassroots, Coaching Education & Affiliated Mas; Instructor Yusuke Adachi – VFF Technical Director; Instructor Akira Ijiri – Head coach of U19 Women National Team.

Speak at the ceremony, Mr. Yusuke Adachi – VFF Technical Director, instructor of the course hopes that the students will have a high determinant during the course. “My job in Vietnam is a concern on development programs to improve fully Vietnamese Football, and one of the main targets is to improve the ability of coaches. This course is my first work here. I hope that we will discuss together to have the best result after this course, and you guys will become a good coach in the future”.

Instructor Akira Ijiri shared the opinion about Vietnamese Football after more than 1-year work with women national teams. “During more than 1-year work in Vietnam, I have a chance to travel to many places and have a comprehensive evaluation of Vietnamese Football. It gets throughout the short term plan, now, we need to look forward to bigger targets. I hope that with the first step is training coaches, we can reach higher achievements in the coming time”.

On behalf of 24 students of the course, monitor Nguyễn Đức Anh thanked VFF and instructors. “I hope in the future, we can be a part of the development of Vietnamese Football. I feel very lucky when having a chance to study with 2 instructors from a strong football country in Asia. We will try our best to complete all the tasks of the course”.

On behalf of VFF, Mr. Lê Hoài Anh – VFF General Secretary welcome all students to come to the course as well as thanked 2 instructors. “Today, in professional football, coaching certificate is compulsory. According to the regulation of AFC, all coaches join in the coaching program of professional football need to pass the Coaching Programs of AFC. Mr. Yusuke Adachi was the first instructor of an AFC coaching course in Vietnam 2 years ago. We are very happy because this course has the attendance of the coaches from many cities around the country and the students belonging to the women teams and clubs. I hope that the students will work hard in the next 2 weeks and complete the course”.

The AFC ‘C’ Coaching certificate course 2019 will start from 15th Sep to 27th Sep. During this course, the students will share their experiences as well as be updated with the latest and most basic knowledge in football coaching.