AFC U23 Championship

U23 Vietnam arrived in Bangkok, focus on the last match of the group stage

On the afternoon of 14th Jan, U23 Vietnam moved from Buriram to Bangkok to prepare for the last match against U23 DPR Korea.

  15/01/2020 11:01:06

U23 Vietnam arrived in Bangkok, prepare for the last match against DPR Korea

Even have a disadvantage situation compare to U23 UAE and U23 Jordan, however, head coach Park Hang-seo and the team still affirm that they will try the best and never give up. The goal is very clear: Win over U23 DPR Korea.

Goalkeeper Van Toan

Answer the media before the training session, goalkeeper Van Toan argued that after the match with U23 Jordan, even feeling sad, the team still encourage each other to try hard for the last match.

“Of course, we look forward to a victory at the last match. The coaching assistant researched the opponent”. Van Toan said.

Defender Dinh Trong and the players at the airport

Talk about the change of U23 Vietnam at U23 AFC Championship 2020, defender Dinh Trong said: “In the next match against U23 DPR Korea, the team will push the high concentrate. Even having the right of the decision or not, we still try hard and get the best result”.