Vietnam Futsal team crowned Fair Play 2021

With a difference of 22 points from the second-placed nomination of Nguyen Trong Hoang, the Vietnamese Futsal team won the title of Fair Play 2021. This is the second time Futsal Vietnam has been crowned Fair Play, after the first time at Fair Play 2016.

The 10th Fair Play Awards Gala, organized by Ho Chi Minh City Law Newspaper, took place at the Youth Culture House (HCMC) on the evening of February 22, 2022. On behalf of VFF, Vice Chairman Cao Van Chong and Standing member of Executive Committee Tran Anh Tu attended.

VFF Vice Chairman Cao Van Chong said: “During the past 10 years, VFF has always accompanied the organizers, contributing to improving the effectiveness of the award. VFF always recognizes and appreciates the efforts of the Ho Chi Minh City Law Newspaper in launching initiatives and maintaining the very meaningful awards. The selections honoring the past seasons of the expert panel have all gone deep into the hearts of fans. Fair Play has a strong influence when it comes to honoring beauty and promoting nobility in football. It is hoped that in the coming time, Vietnamese football will continue to leave many beautiful images, worthy of the expectations and trust of the fans, the attention of the leaders … “.

Head of the Organizing Committee of the Fair Play 2021 – Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Ho Chi Minh City Law Newspaper Nguyen Duc Hien said: “We – the people who organized and maintained the Fair Play award with the desire to uphold the noble spirit of competition is also very happy. Because of the annual Fair Play award throughout from 2012 to now, it is an honor to contribute together with the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF), with Vietnam Football Joint Stock Company (VPF) and Vietnamese football, to promote and honor “a beautiful football”. This, since established the Fair Play award, we have received a letter from FIFA expressing our gratitude and encouragement with the hope that the Fair Play award would grow stronger, more prestigious and go hand in hand with the development of Vietnamese football. Parallel to the Fair Play 2021 award ceremony is the announcement ceremony of the Fair Play 2022 award, marking the 10th anniversary of an award that always appreciates and focuses on the beauties both on the pitch and outside of football life…”.

Vietnam Futsal team was crowned Fair Play 2021 with 431 points.

Head coach Pham Minh Giang’s team have made great efforts in the 2021 FIFA Futsal World Cup against very strong opponents of the world. They join hands to unite to overcome obstacles during the COVID-19 epidemic and always go on the ground with a brave and tenacious fighting spirit with an image that spreads not only to Vietnamese fans but also to the whole world. .

Futsal Vietnam spreads its image not only with determined fair play but also creates great emotions with fans and the world.

Nguyen Trong Hoang won the second prize of Fair Play 2021 with 409 points.

Tran Minh Vuong received the third prize of Fair Play 2021 with 408 points.

Assistant coach Vu Hong Viet won the fourth prize of Fair Play 2021 with 332 points.

Hoang Dinh Tung won the Fair Play Year 2021 award with 325 points.

Honoring Fair Play Coach Doan Thi Kim Chi

HONOR FAIR PLAY is a lifetime achievement for individuals and groups who have made great contributions and have a special influence on Vietnamese football. This is not an award that is voted on, but a title that is honored and unanimously voted for by the members of the Power Council. Fair Play 2021 has honored coach Doan Thi Kim Chi.

The organizers commended 3 good deeds in 2021: Ms. Luu Thuy Mai, living in Singapore, cooked for Park Hang-seo’s team during the Vietnam team’s participation in the AFF Cup; Former player Luu Ngoc Hung and journalist Tran Hai (Sports & Culture) during the COVID-19 epidemic, day and night, energize people throughout Ho Chi Minh City with very practical relief food for several months…

Source: PLO