20 trainees attend the 2022 national women’s primary referee training course

As part of the plan to create the next generation for female football referees, VFF organized a beginner referee training course exclusively for female referees. On October 8, the course officially opened at Thong Nhat Sports Center (HCMC) with the participation of 20 trainees.

10/10/2022 15:07:47

Attending the opening ceremony were Mr. Duong Van Hien – Member of the Executive Committee, Chairman of the VFF Arbitration Committee, Mr. Vo Minh Tri – Member of the Executive Committee, Deputy Chairman of the VFF Arbitration Committee, Mr. Dang Thanh Ha – Member of the VFF Arbitration Committee. The training program is taught by two national referee instructors, Mr. Luong The Tai and Mr. Vo Quang Vinh.

Currently, the human resources of female referees on duty at national women’s football tournaments have not yet met the requirements, in which the main reason is still the specific difficulties of women when being a referee. Therefore, to encourage capable, qualified, and passionate female trainees, the VFF has planned to organize a training course for female referees in 2021. However, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, this training program has been moved to this year. In particular, to create favorable conditions for female referees, VFF also waives all costs, participation fees, accommodation, and transportation for female referees during the training period.

Deputy Chairman of the VFF Arbitration Committee Vo Minh Tri directly trained at the opening ceremony of the course.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr. Duong Van Hien – Member of the Executive Committee, Chairman of the Arbitration Committee expressed his hope that this primary course will discover potential resources to continue training to supplement the national football referees.

Mr. Duong Van Hien said that the qualified trainees will continue to participate in specialized training programs for referees, then will be arranged to participate in missions, starting at national girl’s tournaments.