AFC appoints assessors and referees for the group stage of the AFC Women’s Club Championship 2023

AFC has just announced the appointment of a referee assessors and two referees to be on duty in Group A of the 2023 AFC Women’s Club Championship qualifying round.

  20/10/2023 12:19:54

Accordingly, Mrs. Mai Hoang Trang will be one of two referee assessors running Group A, taking place in Chonburi (Thailand) from November 6 to November 12, 2023. In addition, two referees Le Thi Ly and Ha Thi Phuong (assistant referees) were also appointed by AFC to participate in officiating Group A matches of the 2023 AFC Women’s Club Championship.

Besides referee assessor Mai Hoang Trang, currently Le Thi Ly and Ha Thi Phuong are two of the seven Vietnamese referees and assistants regularly appointed by AFC for official tournaments. In 2023, including the qualifying event of the 2023 AFC Women’s Club Championship, referee assessor Mai Hoang Trang was appointed for 6 official tournaments, referee Le Thi Ly was appointed by AFC 6 times while referee assistant Ha Thi Phuong was appointed a total of 5 times.

On October 16, the VFF’s Arbitration Committee also conducted an annual fitness test for female referees and futsal referees registered with FIFA in 2024. As a result, referee Le Thi Ly and assistant Ha Thi Phuong, along with the remaining 7 referees, have completed the fitness test, ready for the new season, including the 2023 National Women’s Championship about to start at the end of November and international missions.