Closing ceremony of the 2022 national women’s primary referee training course

Today (October 13), the 2022 national women’s football referee training course closed at the Thong Nhat Sports Center (HCMC). After 5 days of acquiring knowledge of Competition Law through theory, practice on the field as well as completing tests, 20 female students completed the program and met the requirements.

14/10/2022 11:30:17

Attending the closing ceremony, from the VFF and the organizers of the course, there were Mr. Duong Van Hien – Member of the VFF Executive Committee, Chairman of the VFF Arbitration Committee, Mr. Dang Thanh Ha – Member of the VFF Arbitration Committee, the two main lecturers of the class were Mr. Luong The Tai and Mr. Vo Quang Vinh, along with all 20 female students, participated in the 2022 national women’s football referee training course.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Duong Van Hien – Member of the Executive Committee, Head of the Arbitration Committee of the LDBDVN praised the spirit and serious sense of learning of the female referees. This has been demonstrated through discussion sessions, theoretical and practical tests included in the curriculum of the training. Mr. Duong Van Hien hopes that the trainees with the advantage of being an athlete or having worked in the field of sports and football will promote their inherent qualities when transitioning to a career as a referee. That contributes to creating an adjacent resource for the national female football referees.

All 20 female trainees were granted certificates of completion of the course. In the upcoming time, they will continue to be facilitated to attend higher-level training courses to accumulate knowledge and experience before being appointed to participate in missions in youth football tournaments.