Closing of training course for referee of women’s and youth national tournaments

On the morning of April 28, at the Thong Nhat Sports Center (Ho Chi Minh City), the closing ceremony of referee training for the 2024 women’s and youth football tournament took place after 5 days of serious study and work.

  02/05/2024 11:37:29

Attending the closing ceremony were Mr. Duong Nghiep Khoi – General Secretary of the Vietnam Football Federation, Mr. Dang Thanh Ha – Chairman of the Vietnam Football Federation Arbitration Committee, Mr. Vo Quang Vinh – Deputy of the Vietnam Football Federation Arbitration Committee along with instructor and 50 female referees & referees of youth tournaments.

On behalf of the instructors, evaluating the results of the training course, Ms. Mai Hoang Trang said: “Regarding physical fitness, the referees and assistant referees passed the tests; Only 1 young assistant referee failed to pass the fitness test. Regarding theoretical knowledge, referees were learned and tested on 5 topics: Level of fouls, handball, tactical fouls, offside and trivia. After the past 5 days of studying, the instructors evaluated the referees as having good learning spirit and completing the class content well. Along with that, the Arbitration Committee supported and arranged the classroom in the most convenient way for the recent teaching and learning process.”

On behalf of the Vietnam Football Federation leaders attending the closing ceremony, General Secretary Duong Nghiep Khoi also had discussions and assigned tasks to referees and assistant referees to attend the training. “I am very pleased to hear positive reports from the Arbitration Committee on the results of the training program. Immediately after this training class, some of our female referees and referee instructors will participate in officiating at international tournaments. I am very happy every time the Arbitration Committee proposes personnel to participate in international tournaments and I believe that some of the female referees and young referees today will participate in the management of international tournaments in the future. become FIFA referees. In women’s football, we currently do not apply VAR. In the future, when there are more VAR vehicles, in really important matches we may have VAR. Hopefully in the future, in the national women’s football championship we will have VAR to support referees to work better,” Mr. Duong Nghiep Khoi emphasized.

The referee training program for women’s football tournaments and national youth tournaments 2024 takes place from April 24 to April 28 to gain experience from refereeing in the 2023 season, while equipping and upgrading referees. High skills and bravery for the referee force preparing for the 2024 season. The training content is mainly on the level of fouls, tactical fouls, handball, offside along with video tests…

Also at the closing ceremony, referees and assistant referees for women’s football and national youth tournaments received certificates and duty cards. Soon, the referees and assistant referees of women’s football will move to Ba Ria (Ba Ria – Vung Tau) to receive their first assignment, participating in officiating in the first leg of the National Women’s Football Championship – Thai Son Bac 2024, will take place in Ba Ria city from May 1 to June 1, 2024.