Closing the training program for the communication staff and coordinator of clubs

After two days of training, on the morning of 4th Feb, the training program for communication staffs and coordinators of clubs finished at La Thanh hotel, Hanoi.

  04/02/2020 16:17:57

VFF Deputy GS Nguyen Minh Chau spoke at the closing ceremony

VFF Deputy GS Nguyen Minh Chau appreciated the concentrate and serious spirit of the students who have an important role at the organization of the matches. He affirmed that at this time when Vietnamese Football is received the high attention from the national as well as international media, the role of the club’s communication staffs and coordinator are very important.

The contents related to the communication and coordinate of the matches were careful to discuss

According to the evaluation and experience from last season, the organizer spent more time for the discussion of the students.

On the same day afternoon, the training program for the national professional tournaments in 2020 will continue with the content related to the assessors.