AFF General Secretary Winston Lee: “There are many factors create the success of Vietnamese Football”

Attending the Annual Meeting of Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) 2019 as an international guess, AFF General Secretary Winston Lee appreciated the recent achievements of Vietnamese Football.

29/12/2019 22:53:48

AFF General Secretary Winston Lee attents the VFF Annual Meeting 2019

Mr. Winston Lee said: “I believe that you are very proud of the Vietnamese achievements during this time in both men’s and women’s football. In fact, as we know, the success of Vietnamese Football was shown not only in these two years but also from many years ago. In my opinion, Vietnamese Football has grown up since AFF Cup 2008. I saw the success of Vietnamese Football during this time. For example, the facilities of Youth Football Training Centre and the quality coaches. I think that the success of Vietnamese Football has come from human. Vietnamese always works very hard”.

AFF General Secretary Winston Lee and VFF Deputy General Secretary Nguyen Thanh Ha

According to the evaluation of Mr. Winston Lee, football is not only football, but it also contants many important things. “Vietnamese football will not stop at this success, you need a new goal and long-time plan. The annual meeting today was very open. Therefore I can see many factors that contribute to the success of Vietnamese football such as the national leagues, movement, youth training, etc. VFF also points out the limitations that need to be overcome”.

“I have to say that VFF is very brave because they dare to point out the limitations and plan the particular goals in the future. The goals are very difficult but it does not mean they cannot do that. For example, the goals about the World Cup 2026 for Men’s football and 2023 for Women’s football. You will need to work hard for those goals. Your outstanding success had made a strong impression on us”.