Deputy Minister, VFF President Le Khanh Hai encouraged VFF’s member organisers, clubs, and Youth Football Training Centers.

On 13th Apr 2020, on behalf of VFF Executive Committee, Deputy Minister – VFF President Le Khanh Hai sent a message to encourage the member organisers, clubs, and Youth Football Training Centers in the circumstance of COVID-19. He affirmed that VFF always supports and cooperates with the members to find the best plan and solution to resolve the difficult issues.

  14/04/2020 12:40:24

Deputy Minister, VFF President Le Khanh Hai

“In fact, since the COVID-19 pandemic happened, we have faced the ever difficult time in our history. This is the first time that Vietnamese football as well as the world football have to postpone all the tournaments and cannot know when we can come back. Many events had to cancel or delayed to next year 2021, particularly Olympic Tokyo 2020.

In this case, we agreed that health is the most important and postponing the tournaments to together fight against the pandemic is necessary. We also agreed that the events will not hold until the pandemic is controlled and having the agreement of the Government. This is also the opinion of FIFA, AFC in the messages to members.

Suspending the events does not mean that we can stop all our actions. On behalf of VFF Executive Committee, I appreciated the VFF’s member organisers, clubs, and Youth Football Training Centers for the positively and responsibility during the pandemic period who followed the guidance of Government, Health organisers as well as VFF about the prevention and reduce the spreading of the virus; and positively join in the social activities of the prevention campaign.

On the latest message to member federations, FIFA President Gianni Infantino emphasized “If football manages to have a discussion where everyone contributes positively, and keeps in mind the global interest over the individual one, I am convinced our future can be better than our past, and we will be better prepared for the times ahead”. This is also the most important thing which is concerned with all the decisions of VFF Executive during this time. There were two missions which was done in this time, first is accompany with the departments to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic as the guiding of the Government, second is focus on the issues about the schedule of national tournaments and preparation of the national teams.

The key mission now is to ensure the safety. However, to prepare for the future, FIFA, AFC, and other national football organisers frequency discussed finding out the solutions. Vietnamese Football either. VFF Executive Committee followed and made the plans to have the best preparation for the clubs and teams when the normal life comebacks. We have to know that this is a common field, all members have to do our parts to face all the situations. VFF always does everything to support and cooperate with the members to resolve the issues.

If there was ever a time in our history to display unity and resilience, the time is now. We need to stand together, get over the challenge and forward to a better future. The unity, belief, and support will be the key to help Vietnamese Football strong and develop in all cases.

To be honest, I hope that the pandemic will be quickly controlled, and the normal life will come back as soon as possible. When the normal life comes back, the culture-sports activities are necessary to create the fun. Therefore, I hope that we will work together and positively prepare for the upcoming time. Football is the teamwork sport. Let’s do with all our ability and support together to maintain the positive thing of football.

One more time, I wish all the best to the VFF’s member organisers, clubs, Youth Football Training Centers, and all staff who are working for Vietnamese Football.

Best regards.”