Discuss Herbalife’s support orientation for VFF and Vietnamese sports

On the morning of October 17, at VFF’s headquater, a live and online discussion took place on Herbalife’s support orientation for VFF and Vietnamese sports.

  20/10/2023 14:50:51

Attending, on behalf of the Vietnam Olympic Committee, was Mr. Tran Van Manh – Secretary General. On the leadership side of VFF, there is Mr. Tran Quoc Tuan – President; Mr. Nguyen Trung Kien – Vice President; Mr. Duong Nghiep Khoi – General Secretary; Mr. Nguyen Minh Chau – Deputy General Secretary. On the Herbalife Group’s side were Ms. Samantha Clayton – Vice President, Sports Performance and Fitness; Dr. Dana Ryan – Director, Sports Performance, Nutrition and Education, ; Mr. Vu Van Thang – General Manager of Herbalife Viet Nam and Cambodia; Ms. Do Hai Tran – Marketing Director; Mr. Nguyen Thanh Dat – Director of Senior Manager, Corporate Communication. The meeting was also attended by representatives of Denstu Group, Mr. Toshihiro Tani – General Director of Denstu Sport Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Duy Thong – Co-founder and CEO of Dentsu Redder and professional staff. Also attending were head coach of the U14 young women’s team Nguyen Mai Lan, doctors of the Vietnam women’s football team and the national young women’s team.

Sharing at the meeting, President of Vietnam Football Federation Tran Quoc Tuan affirmed the importance of nutrition for athletes and hoped that Herbalife would continue to accompany the activities of Vietnamese football in particular and for a longer term of Vietnamese sports in general. President of Vietnam Football Federation Tran Quoc Tuan shared the concerns of Vietnam Football Federation in developing scientific nutritional solutions to improve athletes’ physical condition to improve competition performance.

“In sports, science and coaching need to go hand in hand. Information about physical condition and health will help coaches have appropriate plans to apply high training intensity. Players are now more proactive and conscious about their nutritional regimes. VFF also focuses on and invests in establishing specialized departments in charge of and taking care of appropriate nutrition for teams from youth levels to national teams” – VFF President Tran Quoc Tuan said.

According to Ms. Samantha Clayton – Vice President, Sports Performance and Fitness and Dr. Dana Ryan – Director, Sports Performance, Nutrition and Education of Herbalife Corporation shared: “From the reality of sports experts Herbalife sports supports America’s top athletes training at the Proactive center as well as LA Galaxy players. We realize that the scientific nutrition regimen is suitable for the needs, age and physical condition of the players. Each athlete is equally important as a scientific training regimen. Herbalife nutrition experts are ready to support sports and this is a great opportunity for Vietnamese athletes and players to enhance physical strength and improve performance, creating new breakthroughs in future.”

Doctors of the women’s team at the national team level and the young women’s team also discussed the nutritional situation and its effects on the athletes’ training and recovery process. Discussing directly at the meeting, representatives of the Vietnam Football Federation and representatives of Herbalife agreed to appoint a focal point to work and coordinate with the team doctors to come up with detailed plans, appropriate for each individual, and forward to a long-term development for teams.

From the discussions at the meeting, VFF and Herbalife agreed to implement plans towards sustainable development for Vietnamese football with key tasks including: organizing training courses for coaches and doctors, officers of teams/clubs; Research products suitable for the physical development of young athletes; providing fitness coaches for Vietnamese football; Research and establish personal profiles of athletes, thereby creating specific nutritional plans for each individual; Focus on medical issues related to equipment operation and post-injury recovery support for athletes.