Mr. Tran Quoc Tuan chaired the first meeting of the AFF Competition Committee for the term 2022-2026

On the morning of March 31, the Competition Committee of the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) held the first meeting of the 2022-2026 term. The meeting was held in an online form under the chairmanship and management of the VFF President Tran Quoc Tuan as Chairman of AFF Competition Committee.

  03/04/2023 11:27:17

Opening the meeting, Mr. Tran Quoc Tuan expressed his pleasure to welcome the members to the first meeting of the AFF Competition Committee for the term 2022 – 2026. Mr. Tran Quoc Tuan said: “I have been working as the Chairman of the AFC Competitions Committee. Now I am very pleased to receive your support to in charge of the position as Chairman of AFF Competition Committee for the first time. I will certainly need your support and advice to fulfill my duties and responsibilities well.”

Mr. Tran Quoc Tuan also excitedly said that, thanks to the great efforts of the member football federations and AFF, Southeast Asian football in recent years has achieved remarkable achievements, of which having more representation joining in the FIFA Women’s World Cup, FIFA futsal World Cup and youth football World Cups.

“Our youth teams have consistently reached the AFC Competition final round and many of our National Teams have also reached the Continental Finals. However, I think that even though Southeast Asian football has made significant progress, there is still room for improvement so that all of our teams can reach the world stage. Southeast Asian football has a lot of potential for further development and our task is to exploit those potentials to create a breakthrough development for Southeast Asian football in the near future,” said the new Chairman of the AFF competition committee Tran Quoc Tuan emphasized.

At the meeting, after listening to AFF Secretary General Winston Lee report on the tentative plan to organize Southeast Asian football tournaments in 2023, Mr. Tran Quoc Tuan asked the members of the AFF Competition Committee to continue to research, propose solutions to build a stable and high-quality structure for the AFF competition system from youth level to national team and club level according to the criteria set by AFF, AFC and FIFA. At the same time, it is also necessary to synchronize the schedule of domestic tournaments with the schedule of AFF, AFC and FIFA in order to create the best conditions for national teams to participate in AFF, AFC and FIFA tournaments. In addition, in the opinion of Mr. Tran Quoc Tuan, AFF also needs to ensure that the policies for foreign players and naturalized players are suitable to the changing conditions of world football.

As planned, in 2023, AFF will organize a total of 7 tournaments including: 2023 AFF Futsal Club Championship from May 1 to May 7, 2023; The 2023 AFF Women’s U19 Championship from July 1 to July 19, 2023; The 2023 AFF Women’s U16 Championship from September 1 to September 19, 2023; 2023 AFF Women’s Championship from September 18 to October 8, 2023; The 2023 AFF Futsal Championship from October 2 to October 13, 2023; The 2023 AFF Beach Soccer Championship from October 24 to October 28, 2023 and the 2023 AFF U23 Championship from October 31 to November 12, 2023.

However, in order to avoid conflicts with the plan to organize Asiad 19 and the Asian Futsal Qualifier 2024, Mr. Tran Quoc Tuan asked AFF Competition Committee members to research and adjust the time of organization for the two tournaments. of the AFF including the 2023 AFF Women’s Championship and the 2023 AFF Futsal Championship. In addition, AFF also needs to consult with member federations on the timing of the organization of the AFF U23 Championship 2023 so that it is most suitable for domestic tournaments.