Permanent Vice President Tran Quoc Tuan: the plan of the national teams in 2020 will be adjusted to be more suitable and proactive.

Due to the effect of Covid-19, many plans of Vietnamese Football have to postponed or adjusted. However, VFF Permanent Vice President Tran Quoc Tuan affirmed that VFF will make suitable plans to ensure the training program of the teams.

  18/02/2020 17:18:28

*Men’s National Team focuses in 3 matches of FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifier (Group G)

“V.League will be kick-off in March instead of February as the years before. Therefore, the schedule of national tournaments becomes more urgent. The plans for friendly matches also become difficult. As the match with Iraq to prepare for the next matches of FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifier has to cancel. On 17th Feb, Iraq Football Association sent the official email to sorry that they cannot come to Vietnam at this time. This change has affected the preparing plan of the team, therefore we have to discuss again with head coach Park Hang-seo to have the best preparation for the match with Malaysia on 31st Mar. Until now the situation of Covid-19 still unpredicted, so we have to have a proactive  plan”. Permanent Vice President Tran Quoc Tuan shared.

Not only the national tournaments but also the schedule of the international tournaments in 2020 are affected. All the plans have to adjust. “3 matches at the FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifier are important. It requires VFF and the coaching assistant to have a detail plan to get the best result. We hope that Vietnam can get the chance to join the final qualifying round of World Cup 2022”. Mr. Tran affirmed.

*Women’s National Team forwards to FIFA World Cup 2023 Qualifier and Asian Cup 2021.

Besides the issues of the fixture, the outstanding achievements of the Vietnam Women Team at the Olympic 2020 Qualifier are the good news for Vietnamese football in the early days of 2020. Mr. Tran Quoc Tuan emphasized that this was a good opportunity for players to get closer with the strong teams such as Korea or Australia. “Our ambition is World Cup 2023 Qualifier and Asian Cup 2021. Therefore, the experiences in international matches are very worthy. The team now having young players, so the official matches with strong opponents will be a good chance for their development”.

In recent times, the attention of the public to the Vietnam Women team is increased with the support of the sponsor to create a more favorable condition for the team. VFF is having the plans for the development of young women teams including the training camps and friendly matches.

*Improving youth football always is the goal of VFF

The continuity is the necessary thing to improve youth football. Even there were some limitations, since 2015, VFF always tried to create the chance for the youth teams to have the abroad training camps before important tournaments.

In 2020, VFF will focus more on U17 and U20. These are the generations that do not have many official events, therefore VFF will plan more training programs and friendly matches. The most recent tournament in Toulon 2020 in France with many strong teams such as Japan, Qatar, Russia, France. This is a good chance to learn experience.