Physical Test of the training class for referees of Youth and Women’s tournaments in 2020

On the afternoon of 8th Mar, 76 referees and referee assistants of the Youth and Women’s tournaments 2020 had the physical test at Hang Day Stadium (Hanoi). Totally, more than 92% of the referees and referee assistants completed the test.

  10/03/2020 11:56:33

Participating in the evaluation and organization of the test, there were Mr. Le Hoai Anh – VFF General Secretary, Manager of the class organizer; Mr. Vo Minh Tri – Member of VFF Executive Committee, Deputy Manager of the class organizer; Mr. Dang Thanh Ha – Member of the Referee Department and the instructors Mai Hoang Trang, Vo Quang Vinh; Mr.Le Quy Phuong – Deputy Manager of Medical Department, member of the class organizer; and the referee officers.

 The referees had 2 tests including run 40m in 6 times and run 10 times around the Stadium (have break-time). Meanwhile, the assistants had 3 tests including: coda test, run 40m in 5 times, and run 10 times around the Stadium (have break-time).

According to the final result, in 10 women referees and 16 assistants, there was only 1 referee and 2 assistants who couldn’t complete the test. On the other hand, in 22 referees and 28 assistants, there were 2 referees and 1 assistant who did not pass the test. 

After finishing the physical test, the referees and assistants continues to discuss about the content related to the rule and match’s profession before have the final test on 11th Mar.