Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh met and praised the Vietnam women’s team

On the afternoon of August 15, at the Government Headquarters, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh met and praised the Vietnam women’s team after completing the Women’s World Cup 2023 and returning from New Zealand. Also attending were Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha.

  16/08/2023 10:31:43

At the meeting, coach Mai Duc Chung said that after a month of journey and back home, this is a great and important milestone for the team; expressed emotion when Vietnam’s national anthem was played in the world-class arena; The team showed a strong fighting spirit.

In terms of professional qualifications, although our team is still having a gap while comparing to other teams, the team always shows a resilient spirit of competition, gain valuable lessons, and learns experience for future.

The team thanked the Government, Prime Minister, ministries and agencies for always orienting and caring, creating conditions for the team to have training camps in Europe and New Zealand before the competition; Thank you to domestic fans and overseas Vietnamese for always encouraging and caring.

Head coach Mai Duc Chung affirmed that the team promised to practice, be more determined, strive to play their best in international tournaments, first of all, the ASIAD 19 in China next September.

The captain of the team Huynh Nhu, on behalf of the players, expressed emotion, thanking the attention of the Party, the Government, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, relevant agencies, the Vietnam Football Federation has created favorable conditions for the team to compete; the past journey is definitely a memory that will never fade; We promise that the team will try harder to achieve more great achievements, regardless of the wishes of the home fans.

Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Nguyen Van Hung expressed his gratitude to the leaders of the Party, the Government and the Prime Minister for always encouraging and caring, especially for meeting and encouraging the team before traveling for the World Cup to play their best, doing well as the female “Golden Star warriors”.

Leaders of ministries and the sports industry will have to give more drastic advice to the Government and the Prime Minister to have a radical and methodical solution in the development of women’s football.

The minister said that the team is training to prepare for the upcoming ASIAD 19, bringing glory to the country. The Ministry is also directing the subjects, the athletes actively practice; hope to continue to receive more attention from the leaders; the altheles will make greater efforts to fulfill their assigned responsibilities. The ministry is carrying out the task of completing two projects to develop football and athletics.

Speaking at the meeting, first of all, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh congratulated coach Mai Duc Chung and the coaching assistants, congratulated the Culture, Sports and Tourism industry, the Vietnam Football Federation and especially the “diamond girls” finished their competition at the Women’s World Cup 2023, returning home in the warm welcoming of the home fans. We have won with a noble sportsmanship, won ourselves, and did everything we could.

The Prime Minister also congratulated the team for competing for the first time at the biggest festival of women’s football in the world with the Vietnamese spirit, maintaining the will, determination, solidarity, expressing aspiration; overcome difficulties to compete with all you have; at the same time, keep the spirit of learning, never giving up.

The fans of the country are always watching and strongly cheering the Women’s Football Team. The fact that the team can compete in the Women’s World Cup 2023 is already a victory. The Prime Minister also praised the noble fighting spirit of the team.

Emphasizing that, through this, we also got many experience, the Prime Minister affirmed that in sports competition, it is also necessary to have health and the will to rise, which are factors that need to be encouraged, as well as must actively exercise.

We are a developing country with an economy in transition; The size of the economy is still small, and the per capita income is still low. In general, our country’s starting point is low, experiencing the struggles for national independence, defending the country’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity; then border wars; then carry out the process of reforming the country.

Up to now, we have achieved many achievements in socio-economic development of the country. That said, physical training is a process that cannot be rushed but must be persistent. Sports must have physical strength and skill. This requires us to invest, have the right method, must “go later, go forward”.

From there, we can see the current value. We may be weak, but we do not lack the will and bravery, we are not afraid of difficulties; proud of the nation; Our team can compete with the best teams in the world. The Prime Minister called female players “diamond girls” because our players have done things that have not been done in the past.

The Prime Minister mentioned the important milestones of Vietnam women’s football. Experiencing very difficult periods, our country’s women’s football has made steady progress, gradually narrowing the gap, gradually approaching and playing fairly with the world’s top teams, leaving a beauty image in the hearts of domestic and international fans.

We are extremely proud and touched when Vietnam’s national flag and anthem were raised and sounded for the first time at a women’s football World Cup, the Prime Minister stressed. We admire the little girls who competed bravely, wholeheartedly, not backing down from superior opponents in terms of bodybuilding, physical strength and experience in competition and fighting. We deeply feel the affection, faith, enthusiastic cheering, sympathy and sharing that fans in the country and in New Zealand have recently given the Team. Those are spiritual values that can not be compared.

On behalf of the Government, the Prime Minister highly appreciated the spirit of competition, solidarity, high determination, and the strong aspirations of the Head Coach, the coaching assistants with the entire Vietnam women’s national football team. The Prime Minister also acknowledged the attention, investment and facilitation of the VFF, the Vietnam Sports Adminstration, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; of the training board, staff, doctors and nurses; the support of family and relatives; the support of the business community; and especially the love and enthusiastic support of the fans for the women’s soccer team.

In order for women’s football to develop in both width and depth, both public and professional, on the basis of the results and achievements gained during and at the past World Cup, the Prime Minister proposed the Ministry, Vietnam Sport Adminstration and VFF to continue have the plan and investment for the football teams, clubs, and players.

The Prime Minister affirmed that football as well as sports, in order to rise to the level of the continent, the world, and develop sustainably, they must go through a long development process, with a methodical and focused, especially need the companionship and support of agencies, organizations and businesses, especially fans. The Prime Minister hopes that the fans will always accompany the team even in difficult times.

The Government and the Prime Minister always pay attention to, support and request the ministries, branches, localities and the whole society to join hands and contribute to the sustainable development of women’s football and football in general, worthy of the trust and love of the fans, of the entire Vietnamese people.


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