Prime Minister sends Tet gift to head coach Park Hang-seo

On the afternoon of Feb 07, head coach Park Hang-seo recieved a Tet gift from Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc. The Prime Minister wished Mr. Park a very warm, happy Tet celebration in Vietnam, which the South Korean coach considers his second home.

08/02/2021 14:38:17

Feeling moved and proud, Mr. Park said that as soon as his 21-day quarantine period ends, he will immediately begin preparing for the national team’s training program to achieve the highest results.

Team Vietnam’s major goals for 2021 are advancing at the World Cup 2022 qualifiers and defending the ASEAN Football Federation AFF Cup and the South East Asian Games champion titles.

Head coach Park hang-seo arrived at Hanoi on the night of Feb 03 after a vocation 2 weeks in Korea.