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U20 Vietnam has arrived in Saudi Arabia

After a difficult journey, U20 Vietnam arrived safely in Saudi Arabia to prepare for a 10-day training tour in West Asia.

  16/02/2023 11:26:18

The journey to West Asia is always difficult when having to go through long flights and transit in an intermediate country. The training trip of the U20 Vietnam is no exception.

Starting to leave Noi Bai airport with a flight at 1:05 am on the morning of February 15, Mr. Hoang Anh Tuan’s team took a flight of about 7 hours to Dubai (UAE) and transited here before fly to the next airport in Saudi Arabia. After 1h15 minutes of flight, U20 Vietnam also arrived at the first training point at about 13:30 pm on February 15 (Vietnam time).

A member of U20 Vietnam said that it took a long time to go through immigration procedures, so due to the previous hard journey, the whole team was quite tired when they arrived at the hotel. It is easy to understand this feeling because the players have to spend the night on the plane and have to travel for a long time. Accordingly, U20 Vietnam returned to the hotel at about 3:30 pm (Vietnam time) on the afternoon of February 15.

The time zone between Saudi Arabia and Vietnam is significantly different. Specifically, Saudi Arabia’s time is 4 hours later than Vietnam’s time, so it is also an obstacle for Hoang Anh Tuan’s team in adapting to stay and practice besides the difference in weather.

As planned, U20 Vietnam’s training trip to Saudi Arabia takes place in 4 days. After the friendly match with U20 Saudi Arabia on February 18, the whole team will move to the UAE to continue training and play a friendly match with Dubai FC on February 23. On February 26, U20 Vietnam will fly to Uzbekistan to attend the 2023 AFC U20 Asian Cup.

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