VFF appoints 2 language assistants for National Team and U23 Vietnam

To improve the effectiveness and profession of the teams, the leaders of the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) and head coach Park Hang-seo had agreed about the plan to appoint 2 separate language assistants for the National team and U23 Vietnam.

  26/12/2019 17:00:50

Language assistant Le Huy Khoa shared the experience with assistant Vu Anh Thang when working at National team and U22 Vietnam

With the technical and physical assistants, language assistant has an important role contribute the success for the teams, ensure the connecting between coach and player. Therefore, to improve the effectiveness in the work of the team, VFF and head coach Park Hang-seo agreed to appoint 2 separate language assistant for National team and U23 Vietnam

Particularly, assistant Le Huy Khoa will focus on the National team while assistant Vu Anh Thang will in charge of U23 Vietnam.

Youth and the inquisitive spirit are the advantages of assistant Vu Anh Thang of U23 Vietnam.

Assistant Vu Anh Thang has worked for U22 Vietnam since SEA Games 30. He is appreciated by head coach Park Hang-seo and Korean assistants. He has completed the task in the training program of U23 Vietnam in Korea to prepare for the U23 AFC Championship 2020.

Before that, the support for the new assistant, according to the requirements of VFF, assistant Le Huy Khoa shared the experience for the new colleague during the preparation time of the World Cup 2020 Qualifier and SEA Games 30.

Assistant Le Huy Khoa will back to work for National Team on Mar 2020