VFF Channel get the Gold Creator Award of Youtube

Last night 3rd Dec 2019, the Youtube channel of Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) reached 1 million subscribers and get the Gold Creator Award of Youtube after 3 years working.

04/12/2019 17:15:46

Since January 2016, Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) co-operated with Next Media to run the trial of the VFF Channel on Youtube until 31st October 2016. Based on the result, VFF Channel was officially run on Youtube since 1st November 2016. Only 3 months later, VFF Channel became first Vietnam’s football channel reach the Silver Creator Award of Youtube.

During the working time, this channel contributed to the image of Vietnam’s football to the Vietnamese supporters as well as international supporters and creates a good effect on society. 1 million subscribers in only 3 years had shown the high attention of Vietnamese football supporters.

Comment about this achievement, VFF General Secretary Le Hoai Anh said: “This is good news for VFF Channel but this is also a new challenge. We will need to continue to focus on the content. In the coming time, VFF Channel will become the most effective channel to promote Vietnamese football. On behalf of VFF, I would like to thank Next Media because of the co-operation to create the successful achievement of the VFF Channel…”.