VFF General Secretary Le Hoai Anh: “VFF always proactively faces with changing situation”

Talking with the press, VFF General Secretary Le Hoai Anh affirmed that VFF, VPF, and clubs always proactively adapt to the situation of COVID-19 pandemic to have the best plan for Vietnamese Football.

  07/05/2020 15:13:19

  1. Can you speak about the plan of Vietnamese Football when coming back to the normal life?

Mr. Le Hoai Anh: The pandemic had a huge effect on many fields in society. VFF, head coach Park Hang-seo and players have high response to join in the projects of VFF, FIFA, and AFC to promote the prevention of COVID-19 as well as donated to the prevention fund of the Government. The executive committee of VFF guided all staff to follow the Directive 16 and 19 of Prime Minister. VFF also updates the situation of clubs and teams. Unless the normal life comes back, especially have the agreement of Government, the football activities will come back. It is also in compliance with the opinions of FIFA and AFC.

Under the decisions of Government, the clubs comes back to practice but still apply the prevention methods. There were some preparing works are ready for the return of tournaments. During the pandemic time, the clubs seriously followed the prevention guiding such as closing the stadiums. The players also had a high response to stay safe. On the official website of VFF, head coach Park Hang-seo and physical coach Park Sung Gyun instructed the exercise lessons to maintain the force for players.

Football is a teamwork sport, it needs the effort of all members.

  1. There are many predictions about the upcoming time of football. Do VFF and VPF have the preparation?

Mr. Le Hoai Anh: As I said before, VFF always follows the guiding of Government and involve departments. The most important mission now is to ensure safety. However, it doesn’t mean that we didn’t prepare anything.

Because of the unique features of the sport, the players need time to prepare force and skill. Therefore, VFF asked VPF and clubs to make different plans and solutions due to reality. These activities show the high response, they are the parts of any manager departments to ensure the action plans.

This moment, the system of professional and non-professional tournaments all have a new plan. The clubs also need to cooperate with local authorities to have suitable solutions. Leaders of VFF to make the best effort so that the matches of the professional tournament system will be broadcast live on television stations and internet platforms.

  1. FIFA had the actions to support the associations, did VFF follow and updated the situation of the clubs? If the team has a problem, how does VFF support the team, especially the women team?

Mr. Le Hoai Anh: The regulation of FIFA about the supporting for the member associations is the necessary point during the situation of COVID-19. However, as we know, this support package of FIFA is included in the annual FIFA Forward project to improve the development of member associations. This year, because of the pandemic, this project run earlier. Indeed, the postponing of the tournaments created a huge difficulty for the associations and clubs. We had the support activities to share with the clubs since the first period of the pandemic. Before that, VFF also maintains the annual support package for the teams of non-professional tournaments, especially women team. We emphasized that all the support packages from FIFA and AFC all use for the development of football.

  1. FIFA offered to raise the number of changing players in a match from 3 to 5, and 6 in the extra time. Did VFF have the information and preparation?

Mr. Le Hoai Anh: Every adjustment of the international manager agencies all forward to make the football become better and the players have the best health. If this decision officially issued by FIFA, VFF will guide the teams and clubs. This adjustment is the short-time change to reduce the problem after COVID-19. All the adjustments about the Rule have important meaning and can directly affect the result of the match.

VFF always has the preparation to ensure the teams and tournaments can work well when the rule change.