VFF President Le Khanh Hai: “This moment, football needs the unity”

Mr. Le Khanh Hai – Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism who is the President of Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) had an interview about the issues of Vietnamese Football in the situation of COVID-19 pandemic.

07/04/2020 17:20:09

VFF President Le Khanh Hai said about the issues of Vietnamese Football during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has a huge effect on sports such as football. What are the necessary missions? Did VFF have any guiding this time?

COVID-19 is effecting all fields including finance, social, sports as well as football. According to the guiding of Government, at this time, all activities related to physics and sports need to be suspended,  this is an unexpected thing. Since the pandemic changed fast, I asked VFF to work with VPF to encourage the clubs to do epidemic prevention to ensure the health of the players. At the same time, VPF actively prepared the plans for the later period.

Do you predict when V.League and the professional tournaments can continue?

Now it is very difficult to predict the ending moment of the pandemic. However, it can be seen that during this time, under the guidance of the Vietnamese Party and Government, especially with the unity of Vietnamese people, Vietnam is doing will the fighting campaign to control the virus. If everything is on the right way, I hope that the events can come back at the end of May or later. If need to delay until July, it will be very difficult. When normal life returns, the culture-sport events are necessary to create the fun. Hence, football needs to prepare well.

What do you think about the plan to hold the first-leg of V.League in the Northern?

First, I need to affirm that due to the fast-changing of the pandemic, the football events, as well as other sport, only can play when the Government allows. The most important mission now is ensuring safety. However, it does not means that we do not do anything, we need to have a good preparation. Therefore, the discussion of VPF with the clubs is necessary. I can understand the situation of VPF at this moment.

In my opinion, the plan of VPF was made while the situation did not become too risky, but this time, the situation is more difficult and hard to control all the teams. I think until the pandemic passes away, the final plan can be made. At that time, all the clubs will need to discuss with VPF. Every member needs to work together, we need unity.

In the worst situation, if V.League has to be postponed in a long-time, what is the biggest issue?

At the end of the year, Vietnam National Team joins in the World Cup 2022 Qualifying and AFF Cup 2020. Our ambition is joining the next round so we need the best preparation. About AFF Cup 2020, we want to defend the title. Hence, if the tournaments have to be postponed too long, it will be very difficult. However, everything can happen and we need to prepare for every situation.


Source: Tien Phong Newspaper