VFF President Tran Quoc Tuan encourages the Vietnam women’s team before going to Nepal

According to the plan, on the afternoon of April 2, the Vietnam women’s team will leave for Nepal to play two matches in the first qualifying round of the Olympic Paris 2024. Before the departure date, today (March 30), VFF President Tran Quoc Tuan and VFF Vice President Tran Anh Tu met and encouraged coach Mai Duc Chung’s team.

  31/03/2023 10:47:10

Reporting to the leadership of the Vietnam Football Federation, head coach Mai Duc Chung said: “The Vietnam women’s team has focused and trained for more than 3 weeks. We have prepared in many aspects, including focusing on physical strength. Among the 31 players who joined the army, there were players gathered on the team for the first time.

The players were very excited when the leaders of the VFF were interested and encouraged. As planned, on the afternoon of April 2, the team will leave for Nepal. The Vietnam women’s team will have two matches against the Nepal women’s team on April 5 and 8. On behalf of the Vietnam women’s team, we promise to play well and show our determination for the spirit the Vietnam women’s national team.”

Based on a report from coach Mai Duc Chung, VFF President Tran Quoc Tuan emphasized: “This is a busy year for the Vietnam women’s team, when we will compete in Olympic qualifiers, SEA Games, ASIAD, World Cup… This year, the team strives to maintain the No. 1 position in Southeast Asia and reach the World Cup. It can be said that the plan towards the World Cup is built in detail, with a clear roadmap. FIFA is also very interested in and supporting the Vietnam women’s team. The fact that Vietnam meets the defending world champion – the US and the world runner-up – the Netherlands is a valuable and honorable experience at the World Cup.

From now until the World Cup is about 3 months, I hope the coaching staff prepare well, especially physically. Finally, I wish the Vietnam women’s team a good start in the 2024 Olympic qualifiers. This is also the first step in a busy 2023 with many major tournaments.”

VFF Vice President Tran Anh Tu also shared: “Nepal is the starting point for those who want to climb, want to conquer the Himalayas. Coincidentally, the Vietnam women’s team started their journey to conquer the top of world football in 2023, also from Nepal. And here the “high mountain” is the World Cup. This will be a tough “climbing” stage. I hope you start your journey with good results. VFF will support the players to play with a favorable condition. Wishing the whole team good health, success and victory.”

On behalf of the whole team, captain Tran Thi Thuy Trang thanked the leaders of the VFF for their attention and creation, and promised that the whole team would try to achieve the best results in the next two matches in Nepal.

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