VFF spent an introspective moment of silence for remembering Head coach Alfred Riedl

On the afternoon of 9th Sep, before doing the key contents of the announcement ceremony for new technical director Yusuke Adachi, leaders of VFF, delegators, press spent an introspective moment of silence for Former Head coach of the Vietnam National Team – Mr. Alfred Riedl.

  10/09/2020 11:14:02

The passing of head coach Alfred Riedl after a long time fight with cancer is a loss not only for his family and Austria’s Football but also for Vietnamese Football. He had much time working with Vietnamese Football during development periods, he made great achievements such as Silver Medal at Tiger Cup 1998 (means AFF Cup now); Bronze Medal at Dunhill Cup 1999; Silver Medal at SEA Games 1999, 2003, and 2005; Silver Medal at LG Cup 2000; Championship of LG Cup 2003; and the best was the chance to join into Asian Cup 2007 Quarterfinals.

On 9th Sep, Deputy Minister, VFF President Lê Khánh Hải sent a letter of condolences to his family. Deputy Minister, VFF President Lê Khánh Hải said that: “We are sorely grieved to learn of the passing of Mr. Alfred Riedl – former Head Coach of Vietnam National team, a big friend of Vietnam Football. On behalf of the Vietnam Football Federation, we would like to express the deepest condolences as well as the heart left and united sympathies to Mr. Alfred Riedl’s family for this difficult time. The valuable contribution of Mr. Alfred Riedl for Vietnam Football development in the capacity of Vietnam National team’s Head Coach will be always remembered and highly appreciated. Vietnam Football Federation and Vietnam football community wish to share with Mr. Alfred Riedl’s family such sadness and our prayers are with them during this period of bereavement…”.