VFF’s delegation visited Football Federation of Yên Bái Province

On 23rd June, the delegation of VFF led by General Secretary Lê Hoài Anh visited and worked with Football Federation of Yên Bái Province.

  24/06/2020 15:11:04

At the meeting, the leader of the Football Federation of Yên Bái Province reported about the football movement in the province. According to the report, in these 5 years, the province has 20 stadiums to organize the tournaments with higher quality and attract many spectators to join in the practicing and competition of local football federation. Even having many difficult and limitation about finance and human resource, Yên Bái Football Federation still try to develop the football movement. With the support of the Culture, Sports, and Tourism Department, Yên Bái Football Federation has the facility system meet the requirements of citizens in practicing, especially students.

On behalf of VFF, Mr. Lê Hoài Anh said that, in the coming period, VFF will support for the referee training, coaching training, etc. He affirmed that VFF will always support and accompany with Yên Bái Federation and hope that Yên Bái will continue to improve the quality of players to provide the force for VFF’s tournament as well as attend about the young football.

In the visiting, VFF gifted Yên Bái Football Federation some facilities to use in the working.

On 25th June, VFF will continue to visit Quảng Ninh Football Federation.

Inside the Trấn Yên District Stadium.

Yên Bái Stadium.