Vietnamese Football prepares the plans to ensure the quality

During 2 months, the Covid-19 created a huge effect on society included football. FIFA and AFC decided to postpone the tournaments until the next information. Meanwhile, in Vietnam, some tournaments had to kick-off without spectators before postponing avoiding the spreading of Coronavirus. This is the first time when the schedule of national competitions has to change because of an unexpected reason. This is a difficult issue and needs a suitable solution to prepare for the key mission at the end of the year. Mr. Tran Quoc Tuan – VFF Permanent Vice President shared about the plan of Vietnamese Football in the coming time.

  25/03/2020 10:34:12

How does Covid-19 affect Vietnamese Football?

Mr. Tran Quoc Tuan: As we knew, sports, included football, are strongly affected. The tournaments all have to be postponed to prevent the spreading of Covid-19. All the big events in the world such as F1 or Olympic Tokyo 2020 have to think about plan B. This affects the competition calendar. Today, in the postpone time, the players and clubs need to find out their solution to maintain the practicing.

Due to the fast-changing of Covid-19, there are ideas about stop V.League 2020 or continue to postpone it if have to play without spectators. What do you think about these?

All the competitions and events of AFF and AFC still kick-off at the end of a year (as current plan), especially the World Cup 2022 Qualifier will play in October and AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 in November. These are very important missions. Playing without spectators or changing the schedule are unexpected solutions.

V.League is a professional tournament and in all situations, players need to do professional actions. Besides that, the clubs are facing a difficult situation when have to maintain the business. If this happens in a long time, it will become a crisis for football around the world. Therefore, we are trying to find out the solutions and plans to ensure practicing for the players. We all know that V.League is a very important step in the preparation plan forward to World Cup 2022 Qualifier and AFF Suzuki Cup 2020.

What is the condition for the coming back of V.League?

2 rounds of V.League happened with the control of the medical department. The players are belonging to clubs, so all clubs are highly responding. The organizers are trying to ensure the safe and healthy for the participators and society. The players are maintaining exercise. However, moving with a busy schedule will increase the risk of spreading Covid-19. Hence, in this situation, we decided to postpone all the tournaments. We are planning about centralized competition organization at some places to reduce the moving-time by flight. The most important is to keep the exercise to ensure quality while coming back to play at the end of the year.

Do the clubs agree with the solution of VFF and VPF?

In all our solutions, we thought about the schedules and conditions to make a favorable condition for the clubs. On the other hand, if the Covid-19 is early controlled, we still have time to prepare for the national team at the end of the year.

As the previous information, in June, U21 Vietnam will join the Maurice Toulon Revello 2020 at Bouches-du-Rhône (France). Does this plan change?

It is depended on the decision of the organizer. Until now, we are really worried about the situation of Covid-19 in Europe. Besides that, the tournament has the joining of many countries around the world. However, VFF always has plan B and prepare the best condition for the teams.