Closing ceremony of the AFC ‘A’ coaching diploma course – part 2

On the evening of Apr 26, the closing ceremony of the AFC ‘A’ coaching diploma course – part 2 was held at VFF’s House. 20 trainees completed the course after 2 parts were organized by VFF and assessed by AFC.

27/04/2021 16:32:13

The delegation included Mr. Le Hoai Anh – VFF General Secretary; Mrs. Nguyen Thanh Ha – VFF Deputy General Secretary; Mr. Luu Quang Dien Bien – Director of Grassroots, Coaching Education & Affiliated MAs; Technical Director Yusuke Adachi – instructor of the course; coach Iriju Akira – tutor of the course, and 20 trainees.

Speaking at the ceremony, Technical Director Yusuke Adachi who in charge of the course thanked everyone for joining the class. “We did very hard to complete the course in a long time. Sometimes, we felt tired and sometimes unsatisfied. However, after all, 20 trainees have completed the course. What we experienced will be our unforgettable memory in our life and career. In the future, when you face difficult things, you guys can support together. And I also want to thank VFF for the organization of this course”.

Coach Iriji Akira argued that: “I’m in charge of Girl’s football in Vietnam, and this course has 2 women trainee, it is a good point for the development of Vietnamese football”.

On behalf of 20 trainees, Mr. Nguyen Anh Duc thank VFF for the organization, Mr. Adachi and Mr. Akira for their working during the month to accompany and share the knowledge, thereby the trainees can become the coach of Vietnamese football in the future.

Coach Giussepe Zapella from Juventus Academy thanked everyone and shared the happiness when learning and working in the course.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Le Hoai Anh – VFF General Secretary shared that: “Due to the fast-changing of COVID-19 pandemic in many countries, the success of this course is our lucky. We appreciate instructors Adachi and Akira as well as all trainees. There was a day that we worked until 10 p.m. We are fighting for ourselves and forward to professional football. Through this course, I hope that the trainees will continue to work hard, improve the ability, and try the professional course in the future”.