Closing ceremony of the AFC/VFF ‘A’ Certificate Coaching Course – Module 2

On the afternoon of Nov 24, the Closing ceremony of the AFC/VFF ‘A’ Certificate Coaching Course – Module 2 took place at the headquarter of VFF.

  27/11/2023 11:27:26

Attending the closing ceremony were Mr. Tran Quoc Tuan – VFF’s President; Ms. Nguyen Thanh Ha – Deputy General Secretary of VFF; Mr. Koshida Takeshi – VFF’s Technical Director, training course instructor; Mr. Akira Ijiri – training course instructor; Mr. Luu Quang Dien Bien – Director of Grassroots, Coaching Education and Affair MAs, members of the training course organizers and all 24 trainees participating in the training course.

This is also the first A-certificate football coach training course taught directly by Mr. Koshida Takeshi since VFF was recognized as a professional class member of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) in the coach training convention. Becoming a professional member of AFC has helped VFF be more proactive in developing coaching human resources through training courses from the grassroots level to the highest level, the professional level (Pro degree).

According to AFC’s coach training system, the A-certificate football coaching course is a training course for trainees who are coaches who have approached the Pro level. This year’s A certificate training course is divided into two modules. Module 1 is held in Nha Trang from September 22 to October 5 and Module 2 is held in Hanoi from November 13 to November 24.

After a learning process with in-depth content about football coaching through two modules, trainees participating in the AFC/VFF ‘A’ Certificate Coaching Course – Module 2 completed the final exam on November 24. Trainees who achieve scores according to AFC’s valuable scale will be awarded a coaching certificate with A AFC/VFF, thereby being ready to enter a coaching career when participating in Vietnam’s professional football tournaments as well as tournaments organized by AFC. This is also clearly reflected in the fact that the participants in the training course are all coaches who have been working at clubs in national professional tournaments, including former famous players. such as Pham Thanh Luong, Mai Tien Thanh, Dinh Thanh Trung, Le Phuoc Tu, Nguyen Luong Phuc, Tran Duy Quang…

Speaking at the closing ceremony, President of VFF Tran Quoc Tuan, on behalf of the Standing Committee of the VFF, praised the efforts and serious learning spirit of the trainees in the past two phases of the training course. Mr.Tran Quoc Tuan believes in the knowledge transmitted from two experienced Japanese instructors, Mr. Koshida Takeshi – VFF’s Technical Director and Mr. Akira Ijiri – Current coach of the national youth women’s team, trainees will improve and improve their professional expertise, thereby directly contributing to the coaching work at the club, contributing to the overall development of Vietnamese football.