Closing ceremony of the AFC/VFF ‘C’ Certificate Coaching course

After nearly two weeks, on December 16, at the Hai Phong Sports Training and Competition Center, the closing ceremony of the AFC/VFF ‘C’ Certificate Coaching course took place.

  19/12/2023 11:28:45

Attending the closing ceremony were Mr. Koshida Takeshi – VFF’s Technical Director, Mr. Mai Anh Hoang – Deputy Director of Grassroots, Coaching Education and Affiliated MAs, and instructor Dang Van Thanh and Tran Duc Toan. Representative of the local organizing committee hosting the course attending the closing ceremony was Mr. Pham Duy Khanh – Deputy Head of Training Department of Hai Phong Sports Training and Competition Center. In attendance were 26 trainees who were coaches.

Speaking at the opening of the closing ceremony, on behalf of the Hai Phong Sports Training and Competition Center, Mr. Pham Duy Khanh thanked the VFF for trusting the Hai Phong City Sports Training and Competition Center to host the course. “After 13 days of the course ending, the Center has tried to support as much as possible to make the course successful. We hope this will be a prerequisite for students to become more and more mature in the future in the next courses,” Mr. Pham Duy Khanh emphasized.

The two instructors Tran Duc Toan and Dang Van Thanh thanked the Hai Phong Sports Training & Competition Center & Gymnasium, the course organizers and VFF, as well as the spirit of the 26 coaches, including 2 coaches in Binh Duong took the exam again in this course. Both instructors shared that they were very honored and proud to be assigned to teach the course together. After more than 2 years with many seminars and many teaching assistants, we were able to teach classes with Mr. Koshida’s evaluation and supervision to improve us step by step. This course includes 26 new coaches, all of whom have tried very hard and overcame the stress of 13 days of the course.

For his part, Mr. Koshida Takeshi – VFF’s Technical Director thanked the students for 2 weeks of great efforts. “During the course, there were people who got sick and had a fever, but luckily no one was injured. In particular, the course has also received support from Hai Phong Sports Center and young players. A coaching career does not have a specific destination but is a journey of effort. The starting point of the coaching profession is a C, followed by a B and a PRO. Wishing all students success in the future”.

On behalf of the trainees, Mr. Vu Thanh Tung shared: “I have learned a lot and been equipped with some missing knowledge through this course. I will try to convey the best way to young players.”

On behalf of VFF, Mr. Mai Anh Hoang – Deputy Director of Grassroots, Coaching Education and Affiliated MAs emphasized: “The course is the first step on the path to becoming a professional coach for coaches. To improve, coaches need to hone their foreign language skills to absorb knowledge on the endless internet. This is where foreign coaches have an advantage, even though their professional abilities may be equivalent to Vietnam coaches. Vietnam is currently among the 15 countries recognized as a PRO member of Asia, which is something to be proud of. The Vietnamese instructors in the course are the first, and the Federation will continue to develop in the near future. Hopefully I can find one of the qualified coaches. VFF is in the process of cooperating with JFA on developing professional programs.”

Course C this time marks the continued reorganization of VFF with the guidance and teaching of Vietnamese Instructors (Technical Director supervising the practical exams). This is the orientation of VFF in developing and training domestic instructor who can teach courses with support from the Japanese Technical Director – Mr. Koshida Takeshi. The course program is agreed upon between the Japan Football Federation (JFA) and VFF. Technical Director Koshida Takeshi is still the person who evaluates and supervises the coaches’ practice tests.

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