Closing ceremony of the AFC/VFF Pro Diploma Coaching course – Module 4

On the morning of Sep 19, at the PVF Youth Football Training Center, the closing ceremony of the AFC/VFF Pro Diploma Coaching course – Module 4 took place.

  18/09/2023 17:22:38

Speaking at the closing ceremony, Mr. Masenaga Kageyama congratulated the coaches who completed the course in the past 2 years.

“I very much appreciate the efforts of VFF in this course. Thank you to the members and coaches for showing their spirit, enthusiasm, and determination to become better coaches in the future. I was very happy to have the opportunity to work and contribute to the success of our course.

The Vietnam team absolutely has a great opportunity to compete for a ticket to the 2026 World Cup, but that is a story of the future and in fact, the responsibility still rests largely on the shoulders of the coaches.

Hopefully the members of this course will contribute to the development and help Vietnamese football advance to a new level,” he shared.

Mr. Koshida Takeshi – Technical Director of VFF also expressed his joy because the course was completed without any injuries to the students.

The Japanese expert also affirmed that for Vietnamese football to develop better, the role and efforts of coaches are very important.

On the side of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), Mr. Savo Piedade Mederia – FIFA/AFC coach instructor and member of the AFC Coaching Education Committee affirmed that although the professional coaching course has ended, this is just the beginning. is the beginning for the participating students.

“You have put in a lot of effort. Although I have only been here for a few days, I have seen your efforts and efforts in learning knowledge. For the success of this course, in addition to the efforts of VFF, the enthusiastic participation of the students is very valuable.

Through the course, you have acquired a lot of knowledge but cannot stop here. That knowledge will greatly support the development of Vietnamese football. We will continue to accompany each other and hope that you will create inspiration for the young generation of Vietnamese football,” Mr. Savio emphasized.

On the side of VFF, Mr. Nguyen Sy Hien – Chairman of the National Coaches Council thanked the attention and support from AFC and JFA for this course.

“In the future there will be many other classes, but it is important that coaches continue to improve their theoretical and practical knowledge, which will certainly help Vietnamese football advance and keep up with qualified countries. “, Mr. Hien affirmed.

Representing students participating in the course, coach Van Thi Thanh shared: “The knowledge acquired in this course is very useful. For coaches, stopping learning means stopping their work.

The qualifications of this course are important, but the goal we must aim for is to help the national football industry in the future.”

This course has started from June 9, 2022 to September 16, 2023. This is the second professional course for national coaches, after the first course in 2015, but is the first time VFF has autonomy in inviting lecturers to teach.