Competed of training camp for U14 athletes in 2022

On December 19, the training program for U14 athletes in the South region had the last day at Phu Tho Stadium (HCMC). This is also the last training period in this year’s camp to review athletes at the U14 age group organized by the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF).

  21/12/2022 09:31:44

The last training session took place at Phu Tho Stadium by coaches Van Thi Thanh and Dang Van Thanh, under the supervision and guidance of VFF Technical Director Adachi Yusuke. In this training session, the players continue to be taught the skills of playing ball and fighting competition. This morning, the weather in Ho Chi Minh City was more sunny than usual, but the coaches as well as the players worked very hard.

Evaluating the training session in Ho Chi Minh City, Technical Director Adachi Yusuke said: “I would like to thank the leaders of Thong Nhat Sports Center as well as other units for creating favorable conditions for the camp. In my opinion, the program in Ho Chi Minh City has been quite success.”

Talking about the training program in all three regions, Mr. Adachi Yusuke added: “Japan organizes a program like this many times a year. For Vietnam, this is the first year, only 3 places and only once this year, the program will be more effective if happen more times per year. I hope that in the future, we can organize more places and times. Currently, we have trained 5 coaches for VFF. They are responsible for implementing coach training programs, analyzing youth tournaments, directly coaching programs like this. They have a very important mission.”

Mr. Adachi also shared his expectations for young player: “As technical director, my job is to create a premise for the next 20-30 years. The 2034 World Cup will answer. To a certain extent, the athletes in this age group were born in 2008, so coming to the 2034 World Cup will be the key for the national team. Therefore, we can consider this program as a selection of athletes for the future, not for the immediate generation of players.”

The training session in the southern region took place from December 16 to 19. In addition to professional training for young players, the coaches also attended seminars throughout the program.

Previously, the program was also held in Hanoi and Vinh cities, creating opportunities for young players across the country to interact and practice modern football skills with foreign experts.