International Friendly Tournaments

Head coach Park Hang-seo applauded young players after the victory over Singapore

At the press conference after the match with Singapore in the International Friendly Tournament – Hung Thinh 2022, head coach Park Hang-seo spend good compliments on the performance of young players.

Evaluate on the match, head coach Park Hang-seo said: “Vietnam team gathered with 10 players under 23 years old. My target is give them opportunity to evaluate the capabilities of each face. Except for Van Khang, 6 young players played over 45 minutes. They are new, so don’t know much about tactics. However, their spirit and attitude, dedication to Vietnam Team is very good. They gave me their trust.”

Head coach Park Hang-seo said that Quang Hai and Tien Linh cannot be called “key players”: “We are starting a new phase, so we cannot say they are key. What I mean is that the Vietnam team has begun to enter a new era, a new competitive period, to prepare for the AFF Cup 2022. Hung Dung is absent because his grandfather passed away. The whole team shared and encouraged Hung Dung. With the rest of the old players, the team has one more game and they absolutely have a chance to play, so we have the opportunity to evaluate all players.”

He admitted that not only Singapore, but he also doesn’t want to show his tactics when the two teams still met in the AFF Cup 2022: “Both Vietnam and Singapore can enter the 2022 AFF Cup with a new shape. . In fact, we or Singapore are the same when as coaches are afraid to reveal plan. There may also be some of their former players absent or coming into the field as a substitute. No matter what they are, we also have experts to accurately analyze and evaluate them so that we can prepare well for the AFF Cup.”\

“In this match, many young, inexperienced players played for the national team for the first time. The most important thing for me is the opportunity to evaluate the abilities and attitudes of all the players. The second point is that we have Van Quyet. Van Quyet today played as well as his performance in the V.League. In the first half, Van Quyet scored, so the morale of the players increased. This proves that not only young players but also old players still have opportunities in the national team. Our target was completed when the team won with a score of 4-0,” coach Park Hang-seo affirmed.

On the other hand, head coach Takayuki said: “Our players have learned a lot and have to respond with this intensity against a strong team like Vietnam. I believe when entering the AFF Cup, Singapore’s players will play well.” The head coach of the Singapore team was impressed with striker Van Quyet, he assessed “It’s a good player. He has great speed and technique.” General comment on the performance of Vietnam Team, coach Takayuki expressed his impression of the players’ ability to operate with high intensity continuously: “Vietnam has the ability to maintain a high intensity from the first minute to the 90th minute”.

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